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Panasonic solar panels stand up to extreme weather

Solar panels on house


Deliver a solar PV system that withstands extreme temperatures on a steel roof in Western New York.


Panasonic HIT® 330-watt AC Series modules.


Another net-zero home solar-powered by Panasonic that offsets 100% of homeowner’s grid power needs.

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Project Details

  • Solar panel installer: Go Solar WNY, Lockport, NY
  • Customer: Private homeowner
  • Property type: Steel outbuilding on a large residential property
  • Rooftop solar products used: 33 Panasonic HIT® 330-watt AC Series modules
  • Power production: 10.89 kW, expected to generate 1,000+ kWh of solar power monthly

The Challenge

Panasonic Authorized Installer, Go Solar WNY, is familiar with installing solar systems that must endure the elements in severe weather conditions. The picturesque home in Middleport, NY is nestled between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, and experiences its share of wacky weather.

“The extreme heat and cold are both present throughout the year in Western New York, especially on the steel roof where the solar panels are mounted,” said Bob Timkey, Go Solar WNY’s owner.

The customer called and specifically requested Panasonic solar modules and the 25-year TripleGuard warranty.
Bob Timkey Owner, Go Solar WNY


Panasonic Panels on Roof
Panasonic Panels on Roof

The Solution

The homeowner did their research and was sold on the performance and reviews of Panasonic panels, making the sales and installation process relatively smooth.

“The customer called and specifically requested Panasonic solar modules and the 25-year TripleGuard warranty,” says Timkey. “Panasonic's HIT® technology is an especially good solution in this environment.”

Panasonic HIT® 330-watt AC Series modules with built-in Enphase IQ 7X microinverters offered the answer. The steel roof on the outbuilding was selected as the mounting site for the 10.89 kW solar array, which will power the entire property’s electricity needs.

Installers have found that customers are willing to pay a reasonable premium for Panasonic solar products. “Their reputation and panel performance provides an excellent ROI, and the long-term warranty gives our customers peace of mind when making the decision to go solar,” Timkey said.


The Result

In the first year of operation, the solar array produced over 12 MWh of renewable energy, completely offsetting the home’s historical electricity consumption. This is the equivalent of removing from the atmosphere the same greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) produced by a car driving 21,000 miles. Plus, it will save the homeowner over $1,450 per year.

“This house is now net-zero!” Timkey proudly declares.

The customer’s special request caused Timkey to look closely at Panasonic’s product line and go through the vetting process to become a Panasonic Authorized Installer. “We decided to align our company with the Panasonic authorized installer certification, which our customers can trust to support them through all phases of ownership.”