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How to satisfy a strict homeowner’s association

Solar Panels on House


Deliver an attractive solar system, compatible with an electric vehicle battery charger, with approval from a tough homeowner’s association.


Panasonic HIT® 330-watt 40mm black frame solar panels.


Another Panasonic net-zero home that offsets up to 120% of customer’s electricity needs.

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Project Details

  • Solar panel installer: Solar SME, Duncanville, TX
  • Customer: Private homeowner
  • Property type: Townhome with homeowner’s association
  • Rooftop solar products used: 34 Panasonic HIT® 330-watt 40mm panels
  • Power production: 11.22 kW, estimated to generate 1,000+ kWh of power monthly
Solar Panels on House Installation
White House with Panels

The Challenge

Panasonic Authorized Installer, Solar SME, is no stranger to challenging solar installations. This job proved no different.

With a customer anxious about aesthetics and a strict homeowner's association (HOA) concerned with uniformity on the community’s townhomes, the solar panel’s frame color had to be black. It also had to be compatible with the customer’s electric vehicle battery charger.

Approval from the HOA proved to be especially difficult, as they were reluctant to allow traditional solar panels on the roof.

While other manufacturers were slow with supply, Panasonic was the leading company with a good supply of all modules.
Mark Tims Operations Manager at Solar SME

The Solution

Panasonic HIT® 330-watt 40mm solar panels, featuring premium module efficiency and a clean look, offered the ideal solution. “The Panasonic black frame modules did the job for us and we received special approval for the installation of this beautiful system”, said Mark Tims, Operations Manager at Solar SME.

Panasonic also rose to the challenge during supply chain slowdowns. “In a difficult Covid time around the globe, completing the project on time was a big deal,” Tims explained. “Other manufacturers were slow with supply, but Panasonic was the leading company with a good supply of modules, so we never felt like we were in a pandemic.”

The Result

The Panasonic solar system performed at peak output, producing 5.69 MWh of emissions-free electricity in its first four months of use.

“This is why we love Panasonic panels,” says Tims. “In the first complete month of installation this 11.22 kW system produced amazingly at 1.68 MWh.”

Solar SME Production Chart

The homeowner is now offsetting up to 120% of their electricity needs, making this a net-zero home. A net-zero house produces as much, or more, energy than it consumes.

Thus far, the system’s impressive environmental benefits are equivalent to avoiding greenhouse gas emissions from 10,000 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle.

The customer was delighted with Solar SME’s service, and the curb appeal and performance of their new Panasonic panels. "The work was excellent, they did their job on time and the solar panels look fantastic,” said the homeowner (who asked that their name not be published). “I highly recommended this company!"