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Panasonic and Klipsch bring Dolby Atmos to the cabin interior

We're collaborating with award-winning consumer audio brand, Klipsch®, to bring technology-driven sound performance into Panasonic’s in-vehicle premium branded audio offerings.

In partnership with awarding-winning consumer audio brand Klipsch, Panasonic is bringing the excitement and immersive soundscape of the Klipsch-Dolby Atmos system to in-vehicle cabins. Moving beyond 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, Dolby Atmos envelops listeners in an object-based, three-dimensional environment giving artists the unprecedented freedom to paint an audio landscape imbued with subtle details presented with astounding depth and clarity. Drawing upon decades of audio electronics expertise, Panasonic is able to bring the full Dolby Atmos listening experience to the automotive environment.

Car interior showing Klipsch Premium audio speaker on car dashboard
Close-up of Klipsch Premium audio speaker on car dashboard
Car interior showing a Klipsch Premium audio door speaker

MPEG-H audio integration

Panasonic has brought the 3D sound experience of the Fraunhofer-developed MPEG-H Audio codec to the vehicle cabin. We’ve integrated MPEG-H into our Klipsch Premium automotive entertainment platform enabling 360 Reality Audio playback so OEMs can now offer their customers the same immersive audio experience they can hear in a theater or at home.