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Mini Zoom / Focus Joystick Control with Extra Features for CX Series Camcorders

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Product details

Easy to use and offering the complete range of LANC features, the Stealth-LX shares the compact, versatile design of the Stealth, but with 3 extra features: Autofocus On/Off, Data On/Off, and Iris F-/F+.

Key features

  • Throttle provides variable-speed zoom control
  • Iris control (F-/F+) – with select compatible cameras
  • Dedicated “rocker style” focus button
  • Switch between auto and manual focus with the ‘A’ button
  • Power On/Off button for toggling camera into or out of standby mode

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The LX version Lanc Lens Zoom Camera Control of the Stealth has 3 additional features: Data, Autofocus, Iris F-/F+ (when enabled in the camera). A stylish, lightweight body houses our improved, second-generation proprietary electronics. The pressure-sensitive ‘throttle’ control allows you to ease into zooms in either direction, hold a steady speed, or instantly accelerate into a ‘crash’ zoom. The Stealth is completely intuitive and smooth, requiring no setup, power, or operator skill. This unique miniature control offers unmatched convenience, value, and performance.

Extend the reach of your camcorder control even further. Camera control can be extended with 10, 20, 50 or 100 foot cables.

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10' Extension Cable for VZ Controllers



20' Extension Cable for VZ Controllers



50' Extension Cable for VZ Controllers



100' Extension Cable for VZ Controllers