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20/40/60 Dry Contact Timer Switch


Product details

125VAC 5A modular Smart Home enabled timer switch

Key features

  • Built-in 20/40/60 minute automatic shut off timer
  • Single pole and dry contact wiring, compatible for lighting and fan applications
  • Complies with ASHRAE 62.2 when used with an ASHRAE 62.2 compliant fan/ERV/HRV
  • Wide range of customization and feature options with plug and play Swidget Inserts

Specification Description
Input power rating 125VAC, 5A
Wiring type Pre-stripped wire leads (Line/Neutral) #16 AWG (Stranded), Ground screw
Testing and code compliance UL1310/UL60730-1 CSA 22.2 #223/E60730-1 (Canada and US)
Flammability UL94 5VA
Environmental Indoor installation only
Operating temperature -10 °C to 40 °C) (14 °F to 104 °F)
Insert voltage output Nominal 5VDC (+/- 5%)
Insert DC protection CLASS 2 - Current limiting and thermal shutdown protection
Insert current output Constant current maximum 2.0A
LED/CFL load rating 300W
Incandescent/Halogen load rating 600W
Horsepower load rating 0.3HP
Switch configuration Single pole, dry contact
Number of poles --
Compatibility --

Swidget Smart Devices

The Swidget product line has been developed to support the easy integration of Home Automation and Smart Home markets with unique and flexible solutions. Adding a Swidget Insert turns the wired device into a powerful and flexible Smart Home device. The interchangeability of the Swidget Inserts ensure that the system can work with any existing or future Smart Home wireless system.

20/40/60 Control Switch

The 20/40/60 Control Switch has the ability to allow interchangeable Swidget Inserts to be installed, removed or replaced - making Swidget the optimal for building renovations and new construction. The Swidget 20/40/60 Control Switch uses a simple 4-wire interface, making installation simple for any single pole or dry contact application.