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Innovations for the New Evolving Healthcare System

We are in a new era of healthcare delivery. From virtual visits to self-serve appointment check-ins, the new healthcare is about patients’ freedom to choose how they engage with the system. It’s about leveraging technology that simultaneously increases staff productivity and improves patient experience. The new healthcare brings more people into a conversation even if they can’t be in the same room, so information can flow freely across an organization through tightly integrated IT networks. Learn how we’re making the new healthcare possible with our versatile audio-video technology, sophisticated monitoring systems, rugged mobile devices and healthy indoor air quality solutions.

Products & solutions

TOUGHBOOK rugged computers facilitate emergency care by keeping paramedics connected to the ER. Features include long-life batteries and versatile mounting solutions for ambulances.
From medical-grade video recorders in the OR to self-serve kiosks in the lobby, our professional audio and visual technologies make it easy for hospitals to modernize service delivery.
Whether growing older at home or in a senior living residence, ensure that every call gets through to the care team. The DCC Nurse Call System and TivitiCare offer responsive technology to ensure residents feel safe and caregivers feel confident.
Healthy indoor air quality has never been so important. Our air purification systems, equipped with nanoe™ X technology, purify the air by denaturing odours, allergens, pollens, and other hazardous substances.

Why Panasonic

Provide Better Support to Paramedics in the Field

In emergency medicine, every decision is critical and delays can be tragic. With a TOUGHBOOK at their fingertips, paramedics can stay in constant contact with hospital-based medical teams as they manage patients in the field. They can also use their TOUGHBOOK devices to quickly find vital information and record patient data so it can be sent ahead to the hospital. If TOUGHBOOK is riding along, the ER can be up to speed and ready to receive patients before the ambulance even pulls in.

Safely Monitor Patients from Outside the Room

Healthcare professionals often need an extra set of eyes to perform routine procedures. Panasonic i-PRO cameras are well-suited for a wide array of monitoring applications such as radiation treatment rooms, where they enable staff members to check patients’ progress without risking harmful exposure. With i-PRO’s clear optics, 40x zoom and low-light capabilities, healthcare professionals can remotely view patients in isolation rooms, limiting the spread of infectious diseases. By installing i-PRO cameras for remote monitoring from the nurses’ station, administrators can optimize hospital staffing levels and reduce the number of people in sensitive areas such as the ICU.

Leverage Visual Systems for Staff Training and Patient Check-In

With the healthcare industry going all-in on video technology, Panasonic has developed solutions to support a wide range of remote viewing experiences. When healthcare professionals need to create a visual record of surgical procedures or live stream their operations to an auditorium for training purposes, Panasonic can provide the specialized camera systems, video production equipment and projection technology. We also offer a wide range of digital signage and interactive displays for self-serve appointment check-ins, so patients can navigate hospital corridors and administrative procedures with greater ease.

Bring Peace of Mind to Senior Living

Entering senior living residences can be a very stressful experience for seniors and their families, and the attentiveness of the caregiver is always top of mind. To maximize the safety and well-being of seniors and reassure their families, independent and assisted living residences alike turn to Panasonic for their personal safety response solutions. Capable of integrating with existing IT and phone networks, the DCC Nurse Call System exclusively from Panasonic improves communication between seniors and staff members, helping caregivers respond faster and achieve better outcomes for their residents. Additionally, Panasonic offers TivitiCare, a smarter more intelligent monitoring solution that helps seniors maintain independent lifestyles with the assurance of staying connected to their care providers.

Maintain Healthy Indoor Air at Medical Centres

People need to feel safe when they show up for an in-person appointment. At the most basic level, they need to know that the air they’re breathing is clean and healthy, with low concentrations of pollutants or hazardous substances. That’s why Panasonic air purification systems employ sophisticated nanotechnology to neutralize harmful aerosols, ensuring healthy indoor air quality. Our air purifiers are ideal for long-term care homes and small-scale medical facilities such as walk-in clinics, doctor/dental offices and physical therapy centres.

Case Studies

Masterpiece case study
Panasonic “Saves the Day” for New Retirement and Assisted Living Community with Innovative Nurse Call System.
Panasonic Nurse Call solution offers the most flexibility with respect to daily operations and future upgrades.
Imagemédia’s Le Réal® system was fitted out with Panasonic PTZ cameras to capture and stream the separation surgery of conjoined twins at the Hôpital Femme Mère Enfant in Lyon, France.
Replacing existing HVAC solution with a new three-way Panasonic heat recovery Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system.