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Revolutionizing the retail experience

Real-time data solutions are disrupting the industry. Learn how your retail ecosystem can benefit from this technology.


Innovation at every retail touch point

From warehouse to stock room, and retail floor to web, we understand the challenges your retail business faces. Under pressure from today’s e-commerce giants, you have to look for opportunities to transform every corner of your retail ecosystem. Panasonic’s integrated solutions can help modernize and streamline your operations, manage your supply chain more effectively and create shopping experiences that build customer loyalty. Explore how we’re turning decades of experience into end-to-end retail innovation.

Products & solutions

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TOUGHBOOK® rugged computers empower employees with data, whether in the stock room or on the sales floor. Features include long-life batteries and commerce-boosting accessories.
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Improve efficiency and enhance the retail shopping experience with mobile solutions that combine hardware, software and services for successful deployments.
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Greater efficiency sets customer-obsessed retailers apart. Our solutions enable timely omni-channel fulfillment, real-time stock visibility and consistent shelf availability.
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From groundbreaking last-mile delivery solutions to smart shelf labels, our data and IoT-powered solutions are combining the digital and physical to move businesses forward.
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A network of vibrant, interactive displays creates an engaging and cohesive in-store environment, with content managed through our global content distribution platform.

Why Panasonic

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Transforming the experience for customers and employees alike

Back-end efficiencies help drive rich, engaging experiences for customers throughout the retail experience. The question is, how do we get there? The answer lies in disruptive technologies. When armed with solutions that streamline operations and increase productivity, retailers can focus their efforts on deepening customer engagement with innovation at every touch point. So say goodbye to the days of low tech, low efficiency and low engagement. We’re here to make the future of retail brighter – together.

8 in 9 retailers intend to adopt mobile devices, apps and commerce in the near future*

Warehouse efficiencies that change the game

Warehouse operations have been slow to embrace the digital revolution. In today’s fast-moving world, however, digital transformation is key to increasing supply-chain transparency and meeting increased customer expectations. Panasonic solutions help retailers reinvent their operations with handheld technology that enhances employee productivity, speeds inventory turns, reduces errors and fulfills orders faster.

By transitioning to advanced rugged handhelds, deploying next-generation software and training workers to leverage new efficiencies, companies can set themselves up for success. We’re helping them at each step along the way to transform warehouse operations into a valuable bottom-line booster.

* Panasonic, Disruptive Technology Adoption Research, August 2018

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Custom-built showroom experiences

It’s true: more engaging in-person experiences attract more customers. Purpose-built digital signage, for example, has been proven to be 400% more effective than static signage at gaining attention. That’s why we’re reimagining shopping experiences by overlaying digital technology in physical environments.

As part of a redesign of Ford’s premier auto showrooms, we created an innovative, digitally connected experience to make a great first impression. Inside, a massive halo-shaped display attracts customers, while an interactive video wall surrounds them in immersive product content, including video, games and trending social media. Best of all, our content distribution platform enables Ford to instantly provide the same content to locations all over the world.

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Store cameras with integrated deep learning

Panasonic’s deep learning facial recognition camera technology outperforms all other competing technology. It’s even providing additional levels of security at Tokyo’s Narita Airport, where it will enable passengers to check in, pass through immigration, receive directions from a robot assistant, check personalized flight details using digital signage and self-board at the gate – all without manual ID verification.

This “One ID” solution from Panasonic can be particularly valuable to retailers, not only for security and theft prevention but ultimately for enabling personalized customer experiences.

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Migrate applications to Android OS

Operating system migration can create tremendous inefficiencies for retailers. When Microsoft announced the end-of-life of Windows CE, many were stuck using the existing outdated hardware. Fortunately, Panasonic offers a low-pain migration solution, allowing retailers to retain the existing look and feel of their current applications while modernizing to a new Android-based rugged handheld. This helps minimize retraining efforts for warehouse, back room and restocking employees.

Case Studies

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It can be a challenge to manage data across multiple locations. Our HR and inventory management solutions helped this franchisee reduce operating costs by 2% on average.
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How Mary Brown’s Chicken & Taters leverages Panasonic’s iQtouch point-of-sale solution to help its growth goals.

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