Retail Technology Solutions from Panasonic

Giving brick-and-mortar a digital advantage

Retail is at a crossroads – it needs to better engage customers, yet reduce costs and increase profits. The way forward? Innovative digital technologies that provide powerful new selling opportunities.

It’s more than product and price – today shoppers seek an experience

At Panasonic, we’re creating physical retail solutions that rival the online shopping experience, with personalized interactions, quicker checkout and instant access to inventory and product data.

A future-tech approach to retail

Today, we’re reshaping retail in many exciting ways, including:

  • Interactive display technology that can share product information and promotions instantly – via bursts of light invisible to the human eye, but readable by smart phones
  • Smart mirrors for fitting rooms and cosmetic counters that respond to shoppers’ requests, and allow shoppers to preview styles and change lighting
  • Video technology to track customer flow, noting where shoppers dwell and their demographics
As a world-leader in visual technology, we create integrated HD and 4K display solutions, from all-weather outdoor units and seamless video walls to interactive kiosks that captivate customers.

Transforming window shopping into revenue

Getting customers in the door is the first step toward a sale. And digital signage from Panasonic is a vibrant beacon that draws them in. Show immersive, multimedia content that grabs attention. Make an outsized impression with stunning video walls. And, inside stores, provide highly personalized content with interactive, touch-screen displays.

Retail in real-time

You’d expect our mobile devices to provide a direct line to in-store inventory and pricing. But they also connect sales floor teams to inventory across your store’s network. They can even connect directly to factories for special orders. With this level of mobile-computing insight, you can access real-time dashboards to monitor transactions, relocate resources and make purchasing decisions.

Panasonic’s communications solution helps franchisees save over 20% on telecom expenses. It’s the control and convenience we wanted.
Peter Taunton, Founder and CEO, Snap Fitness

Make a point of sale into a point of engagement

At checkout, our highly customizable POS solutions are built to help your business run more efficiently, and stylishly, with a small-footprint design. These systems can be combined with digital signage and loss-prevention capabilities for a fully integrated retail solution. Plus, they’re durable for long life, maximum uptime and minimum maintenance.

Need another register? Add scanner and Magstripe reader accessories to our tablets to create a sell-anywhere, line-busting payment tool.

The shopping world’s most advanced security solutions

With the most advanced imaging and recording technologies, Panasonic security products are engineered for the enterprise-grade needs of retail. Beyond surveillance, our cameras can help you fine-tune employee performance and monitor merchandising campaigns. To help you create personalized shopping experiences, we can combine intelligent security analytics with digital signage to target appropriate gender demographics at the right times.

100,000 hours Service life of our HD displays

It all starts with your challenges

Helping retailers boost their business is what we do. That’s why professionals looking for technology solutions trust Panasonic to be their one-stop shop.