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To be efficient, retailers need to monitor multi-channel inventory levels, transform the buyer experience and improve the precision of data collection. Panasonic mobile solutions, which combine TOUGHBOOK hardware with software and services, give companies the tools to streamline operations.

Sync Channels

Multi-channel order fulfillment is challenging. To avoid the costs of overstocking or overselling and get the right products to the right place at the right time, retailers need accurate, real-time visibility into cross-channel inventory.

Improve Buying

Customers crave convenience. To make the in-store buying experience more efficient, retail sales associates need to be able to locate merchandise, arrange shipping and accept payment quickly and wirelessly from the retail floor.

Enhance Accuracy

Manual inventory tracking is inefficient. To track products from the warehouse to the stock room to the retail floor, frequently, reliably and efficiently, you need data-collection solutions at every stage of the product journey.
25 years at work TOUGHBOOK


We're only as tough as the workers who use our products. For 25 years, they've inspired us to create more than just durable devices. The challenges they face have helped us craft smart solutions that get the job done. And no matter what comes next, workers can rely on TOUGHBOOK to rise to the challenge of tomorrow.


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A rugged 7” Android™ tablet designed for enterprise applications. Supports 4G LTE and FirstNet® connectivity. Optional: integrated barcode reader supporting landscape or portrait orientations, 2nd USB type A and extended-life battery.
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The Panasonic TOUGHBOOK A3 is a rugged Android™ 10.1" tablet that has the flexibility to be used in all markets and is purpose built to get more out your day. Optional: integrated barcode reader and insertable smart card reader.
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This Android® handheld features an angled, rear-facing barcode scanner, camera, video and speech-to-text features. It is ideal for checking driver licenses and e-ticketing. Dual speakers offer noise and echo cancelling in loud environments.
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