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Sports, Entertainment & Media Technology Solutions from Panasonic

Turning events into one-of-a-kind experiences

Audiences demand more action. More excitement. More of everything they came for. That’s why we’re helping sports, media and entertainment companies create more breathtaking spectacles and experiences.

Pushing the boundaries to keep audiences on the edge of their seats

At Panasonic, we’re always dreaming of ways to improve life through technology. And with the incredible leaps we’ve made in digital content, projection technology and professional display solutions, we’re raising the bar on how people enjoy sports, theater, museums and the arts, live music and other entertainment.

ESPN Zone, Princess Cruises, Universal Orlando and Planet Hollywood count on Panasonic to offer guests well-designed experiences different from anything they’ll find on their smartphone or TV.

Stadiums go big, so fans won’t stay home

Stadium operators are finding new ways to entertain and serve fans, with breakthrough sports technology that’s creating connected stadium destinations. Fans come for the game and stay engaged with high-speed Wi-Fi, touch-screen kiosks and eye-stretching LED video displays that deliver social engagement, partner and sponsor integration, promotions and, of course, real-time game information.

We’re also creating more personalized interactions between fans and their favorite team. Imagine engaging with content on a massive scoreboard, one-on-one. Or receiving a customized merchandise or food order right to your seat, so you don’t miss any of the action. Or getting personalized, relevant content delivered to your phone throughout a venue.

The three letters changing how we see the world - LED

LED video boards have become the go-to for engaging fans with instant replays and contextual information. As a world leader in this technology, we’ve made LED video displays larger and improved their moving picture resolution, viewing angles and reliability. At the same time, we’ve brought the total cost of ownership down. A beautiful sight, indeed.


Projection mapping – your audience has never seen anything like this

By combining high-performance, high brightness laser projectors, immersive content and data-driven magic, we’re amazing audiences with larger-than-life projections on buildings, on walls of water and at global venues like the Olympics. Picture a spectacular performance playing out hundreds of feet high – that’s entertainment transformed into unforgettable wonder.

It was a spectacular show designed by one of the most talented teams on the planet. Panasonic made our dreams a reality.
Sidney Levy, CEO, Rio 2016 Olympics

Lights, camera, Panasonic!

To help studios deliver award-winning features, broadcast programming and live events, we offer world-class cameras that capture stunning image quality. At the other end of the experience, our digital projectors allow cinema houses to screen the industry’s biggest blockbusters.

Rental solutions that ensure the show goes on

In addition to their entertainment goals, productions have budget and logistical realities. As a substantial provider of rental and staging equipment, we offer products in nearly every technology category, including projectors, professional displays, professional cameras, rugged mobile tablets and surveillance equipment. The best part? They all work together flawlessly.

Thrilling an audience of billions

For Rio 2016, we delivered more AV equipment than for any previous Olympic games, and for the first time ever served as Official Ceremony Partner. We engineered and equipped all the visual needs, start to finish, including unforgettable projection mapping spectacles at the opening and closing ceremonies.