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Driving into the future

Staying ahead is harder than ever today. Our automotive technology helps our OEM partners embrace the future.


Accelerating innovation

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving due to a wide variety of forces. More ride-sharing and less vehicle ownership. More electric cars and fewer gas-powered ones. More autonomous vehicles and fewer drivers.

As an integrated solutions leader in infotainment, connected mobility and electrification, Panasonic is right at the intersection of today’s changes. From battery advancements to new display technologies to 5G communication performance validated across the entire vehicle, we’re helping OEMs adapt in the face of today’s big trends.


Products & solutions

From hybrids to full electric vehicles, our global leadership in battery technologies is powering the industry, paving the way for a more eco-friendly future.
With industry-leading systems built on any platform, we’re taking personal data and voice activation to the next level and shaping the future transportation experience.
Our innovations in lenses, optics, mirrors and sensors are enabling important safety features such as eye-tracking, pedestrian detection and image enhancement.
The future of autonomous driving is taking shape. Explore our vision for it, from comfortable living space cabins to scalable electric powertrains.
IoT is changing how vehicles are designed and driven, and how roads are managed. We’re at the forefront of vehicle connectivity and connected network solutions.


Why Panasonic

75% of decision makers plan to adopt autonomous technologies in the near future

Expertise in the vehicle cabin and beyond

Electrification. Personalization. Technological integration. As changes sweep through the industry, no company is better equipped to leverage them than Panasonic. We have:

  • Expertise in 10 disruptive technologies that will drive trillions in economic value 
  • Expertise across the auto industry – in infotainment, audio, EV, manufacturing robotics and process automation, showroom displays, rugged laptops for service bays, even intelligent highways paving the way for tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles 
  • Expertise in complementary areas such as connectivity and mobile payments

Platforms to build a better future

To help automakers manage all the coming disruption, we’re investing in a number of key enablers, starting with upgradable, adaptable and widely supported platforms.

For instance, to speed up innovation in infotainment systems and digital hubs, we’re leveraging platform ecosystems such as Android Auto, Automotive Grade Linux, IBM Watson and Qualcomm, as well as voice assistant technology from Amazon and Google. In fact, Panasonic is the leading Android infotainment provider and serves as the reference hardware for Android Auto.

#1 lithium-ion battery supplier in the global market for hybrid and electric vehicles

Partnering to leverage complementary strengths

Today, no company in the automotive technology space has enough capital and expertise to go it alone. In addition to our partnerships with tech giants such as Google, we’re investing heavily in our OEM partnerships. Together with Tesla, we jointly built the Tesla Gigafactory to scale EV battery production for their mainstream Model 3. And we’re building on our next-generation EV battery leadership through a joint venture with Toyota.

Personalization for passengers and drivers

As connected and increasingly autonomous vehicles hit the roadways, infotainment centers will begin evolving into full digital hubs, and vehicle cabins will turn into mobile offices, media rooms and e-commerce hubs. This presents auto makers with an opportunity to personalize the traveling experience for each driver and passenger – and, in the process, capture new sources of recurring revenue.

We’re already making bold moves in this direction with mobile payment solutions for Toyota and our digital hub for Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire™ eMotorcycle, which enables personalized services through H-D™ Connect.

Cost-containment solutions for car makers

We’re not only helping car makers leverage ancillary services with recurring revenues, we’re also helping them control costs. For example, to offset the expense of more sensors and cameras, we’re consolidating and integrating more functions with our domain controllers. In addition, our diverse manufacturing footprint can help automakers balance some of the challenges presented by shifting governmental trade policies.


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