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Creating the future of learning

Education today demands a collaborative learning environment. See how we help educators inspire and engage students.

Embracing a connected, engaged and interactive campus

Students today have grown up in a connected world. How they think about technology and education, and how they interact inside and outside of the classroom, has changed dramatically. Schools, eager to be at the forefront of innovation, need to adapt to these new expectations and capitalize on new opportunities. With industry-leading display and audio solutions, we’re enabling the kind of dynamic connectivity that will keep students engaged, simplify how instructors educate and maintain campus safety.


Products & Solutions

With up to 50,000 lumens, our projectors breathe living color into education, creating dynamic, engaging learning experiences in classrooms, lecture halls and large campus venues.
4K professional displays, video walls and interactive displays enable new levels of learning, collaboration and communication in the classroom.
Ideal to visually display an array of information and content where high brightness and wide viewing angles are needed.
This software dramatically simplifies PTZ camera operation, enabling cameras to automatically track speakers using body template matching, facial detection and deep learning.
From broadcasting campus events to recording and streaming lectures, Panasonic offers an array of 4K and HD professional cameras to capture and share important campus moments.


Why Panasonic

Enhancing the education experience

Being able to engage students and meet growing educational needs becomes more challenging with each incoming class. How can your school gear up to compete for today’s brightest students and provide a better overall learning experience? The solution should include cutting-edge classroom technology and enhanced digital capabilities for common areas, athletic venues and the entire university community. It’s clear – new tools are needed. At Panasonic, we’ve done our homework.

Collaborative learning begins with student-centric classrooms

Panasonic’s higher education technologies put students at the center of exciting new learning experiences. From laser projectors and cameras to professional displays and lecture-capture software, we’re taking interactions with instructors and students a step further. With the right technology, teams can research and present in more engaging ways, use campus huddle rooms more efficiently and break down barriers through distance learning. As a result, the next generation can get more from every moment of their education.

Legendary Panasonic reliability lets teachers teach

With up to 20,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free operation, Panasonic projectors can reduce labor, installation and maintenance costs. With the amount of technology in education only increasing, it makes good sense to look for the highest reliability and quality.

Decades of keeping class in session

In every education setting, it takes a range of professionals to help a school put its best foot forward. We’re proud to have supported faculty, administrators, facilities managers and IT staff for decades with a growing array of products and solutions. Today, you’ll find a wide variety of Panasonic technologies on campus, from unified communications to energy storage solutions.

Putting student safety first

With the well-being of students of paramount concern, many universities have begun operating digital display networks throughout their campuses. Our professional displays make it easy to deliver timely, contextually relevant information day in and day out, and emergency information when student safety is at risk.

Creating a better world

Globally, over the last three decades, we’ve given 180,000 primary and secondary school students a new perspective on the world, introducing them to filmmaking and video production by providing equipment and sponsoring contests.