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Innovation across industries

From avionics to food service, education to manufacturing, automotive to energy, we’re creating advanced solutions across the spectrum of industry, touching people’s lives in meaningful ways every day.

Your strategic solutions partner

Each industry we support has its own challenges, and Panasonic is uniquely positioned to meet them head on – possessing the scale, innovation and wide-ranging expertise to be an indispensable partner in such diverse sectors.
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Achieving major breakthroughs

A common thread in everything we do, in every field, is finding compelling ways to use disruptive technologies for a better world.

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Elevating avionics

We work with 300 airlines, enhancing life at 30,000 feet for millions of passengers daily and making the skies more enjoyable.

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A sustainable energy industry

Our technologies drive clean energy forward, bringing innovative power generation and efficient usage to more applications.

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Innovation for municipalities

To meet the needs of a thriving city, our technologies are helping governments assist people and public servants in many ways.

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Smarter manufacturing plants

Why do leading industry manufacturers rely on our solutions? Because we’ve reinvented the entire manufacturing process.

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In our vision of the future, cars use facial and voice recognition, customized head-up displays, and other innovative technologies to deliver a safer and more personalized driving experience.

No matter which industry you find us in, we’re there because we provide compelling solutions to real-world problems. Our partners value us because we strive to continually build on our advances, and never stop moving forward.

With our automotive partners, we’re incorporating smart technologies that are paving the way for autonomous vehicles. In retail and hospitality, we’re developing smart fitting rooms and digital concierge mirrors that deliver friendly, one-on-one attention. And in building and construction, our teams are equipping indoor air quality systems with built-in intelligence to manage pollution and the air we breathe.

Those are just a few of the many innovations we’re bringing to the various industries we proudly serve.

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Airlines today have several top priorities – creating a better passenger experience, ensuring the safety of all, and enhancing efficiency. We help in each of these areas.

Panasonic technology is the engine propelling airlines toward a brighter future. Through bold breakthroughs, we’re moving partners and passengers closer to a seamless travel experience across a more connected globe. That means greater efficiency and safer flights, as well as increased passenger engagement from boarding to touch-down.

On flights equipped with our latest IFEC platform, passengers will notice a whole new set of intriguing options, thanks to the latest technology combined with value-added services and tools. And our airline partners benefit from improvements to their technical service, including onboard maintenance and even global repair capabilities.

See how we can help you deliver connectivity without constraints, provide more personalized inflight services and monetize inflight marketing opportunities.

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Today's power-hungry infrastructure demands more energy, while eco-conscious customers and industry are looking for greener options. We’re meeting these challenges with advances in materials, implementation and management.

We believe it’s possible to meet growing energy demands, while improving sustainability. The key is innovation. Today, that includes ultra-efficient solar cells that capture more of the sun’s power, energy storage systems to meet a growing commitment to renewable sources, and more powerful lithium-ion batteries to help reduce emissions on our roads.

Tomorrow, it could mean hydrogen fuel cells that wring electricity from water. And technology that transforms geothermal and industrial exhaust into electricity.

By better utilizing and managing our energy resources, we believe we can bring big benefits to our clients, partners, people and the planet.

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Integrating intelligence and situational awareness helps first responders get to the right place at the right time.

If you were to rethink today’s modern city, how would you make it more livable? What new services would you offer? How would you power it? At Panasonic, we’ve given questions like these a lot of thought and come up with an innovative portfolio of solutions to move governments swiftly and decisively into the future.

Groundbreaking public-private partnerships are spurring the development of solar+storage microgrids. Connected vehicle and highway deployments are tackling the problem of commuter congestion. And responsive city infrastructure is improving quality of life, making cities easier to navigate and enjoy. At the same time, we’re also rethinking city services to ensure emergency professionals can be as responsive as possible to keep citizens safe.

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Our solutions are used by leading smartphone makers, top automotive manufacturers, and hundreds of other companies from agriculture to the medical industry.

Manufacturing of the future starts today, by connecting equipment and workers inside factories with each other, and with suppliers halfway around the world.

On the floor, you’ll find we offer incredible levels of precision, thanks to advanced robotics, cordless assembly tools and error proofing solutions, and enterprise-level software that manages automation processes. In the products themselves, you’ll discover advanced materials that make for more efficient electronics. And overhead, you’ll find lighting and sustainable energy solutions that reduce environmental impacts and utility costs.

Panasonic is pioneering Industry 4.0 by bringing together new ways to build the goods a growing world depends on.