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Healthcare Technology Solutions from Panasonic

Connectivity and mobility to help you put patients first

Highly specialized environments like healthcare demand highly specialized solutions, developed with extensive industry input. Our technology helps deliver faster, more coordinated care every day.

Healthcare solutions that make medical professionals more effective

Healthcare is an incredibly data-intensive industry, with patient health depending on accurate, immediately accessible information at each stage of care. One misstep can have life-threatening consequences.

That’s why healthcare professionals – from nurses to lab technicians to administrators – rely on Panasonic. In a workplace where staff are constantly being asked to do more and do it faster, our digital and wireless solutions empower them to provide care more efficiently, from anywhere. We keep critical team members connected and streamline the collection and sharing of patient information.

A seamless care experience, right from admission

When patients can self-service, everyone benefits. Data entry is faster. Fewer mistakes are made. And the nurses’ station is suddenly less jammed.

Our touch-screen mobile devices let patients easily complete or review electronic healthcare records. Thoughtful touches like rotating screens provide privacy when entering sensitive information. And built-in magnetic stripe readers let patients instantly complete their co-pay.

The convenience and connectivity let us act more quickly. I don't even see how our service would be possible without the Toughbook.
Scott Hidlebaugh Systems IT Manager, Saint Luke’s Home Care

Creating efficiencies everywhere

The versatility of Panasonic mobile devices is revolutionizing healthcare delivery in all kinds of settings:

  • Nurses are using our integrated barcode scanners to read patient wristbands for medication and dosage requirements
  • Home health and hospice workers are working more productively for longer periods, thanks to our unmatched battery life and connectivity
  • Healthcare staff are checking off completed procedures electronically, with updates sent to central databases to keep everyone in the loop
  • Physicians’ practices are moving from paper to electronic records seamlessly with our purpose-built devices
The Burn Navigator, a medical device employing a customized Panasonic tablet, helps staff provide optimal fluid therapy at bedside. The result has been a 34% reduction in patient mortality rates.

Focus on fixing patients, not computers

Whether you’re performing a critical procedure in the OR, visiting a patient at home, or making the rounds at a nursing home with a mobile cart, computer downtime isn’t an option in healthcare environments. Our mobile device durability is legendary, providing ample resistance to the shocks, vibrations and spills you face on the job.

Not just trouble-free, germ-free

Of course, cleanliness is essential in healthcare environments. Our mobile assistants are waterproof to withstand near-constant wipedowns and fanless to ensure germs and viruses are not accidently spread. They even come with a built-in sanitization reminder and auditing system. All of which makes them the perfect healthcare companions.

10,000 cleaning and counting Toughbook devices can stand up to being sanitized over and over

Technology for every corner of your facility

In addition to our mobile devices, Panasonic healthcare offers a wide range of other technologies:

  • Cutting-edge yet cost-effective HD cameras, medical-grade monitors and HD recorders
  • Integrated communications solutions to provide nursing staff with direct access to patients
  • Ultra-reliable, EHR-compatible document scanners that let you auto-feed paper of all sizes and thicknesses, even with ID cards or driver’s licenses
  • Hospital security and surveillance solutions
  • Biomedical lab equipment

Down to the last detail, you’ll find our smart healthcare solutions are designed to help you deliver optimal patient care and improve outcomes.


Toughbook keeps the blood flowing

On mobile blood drives, the equipment along for the ride must be germ-free and able to take bumps and spills. Because any interruption in collection can seriously impact supply and put lives at risk, blood centers turn to Panasonic for their computing needs, including speedy online registration and donor education.