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The smarter more intelligent monitoring for senior living care

As people continue to live longer and consider whether to age at home, or in a senior living community, TivitiCare offers a personal response monitoring solution to help seniors maintain independent lifestyles with the assurance of staying connected to their care providers. TivitiCare is the combined technology of a wearable smart watch working intelligently and wirelessly to share critical data and information with family members who want to stay more connected to their loved ones, and senior living care providers who want to improve their overall standard of care.

This wearable technology for seniors – a smart watch worn on the wrist, married with intelligent programming, data capture, analysis and reporting – gives care providers and family members a lifeline window into the day-to-day lives of the seniors they care for.

Discover how TivitiCare is driving the future of responsible, senior living care.

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Care is in everything we do

Tiviticare Features

Heart Rate
Activity Monitor
Fall Detection
Location Services
Room and door locks
Family dashboard

Care is in everything we do

Care is always on.

TivitiCare is as alert, dependable and responsive as an expert guardian should be. With always-on smart monitoring, seniors, their family members, and care providers, can feel at ease knowing this reliable lifeline is constant and safety is assured.

  • New life-enhancing technology that improves communication and increases the ability to monitor and respond to senior’s needs
  • An advance interconnected non-emergency medical alert system that intelligently analyzes data, improving accountability, productivity, and efficiency for care providers.
  • Offers greater assurance that compassionate care and uncompromising assistance are available whenever they are needed


Care is always connected.

Continuous connected care is at the heart of TivitiCare. Residents and care providers are seamlessly connected through ongoing monitoring, communication, and analysis.

  • Seniors can call for help and send alerts through their smart watch
  • Real-time location services through proximity to smart Bluetooth beacons inside the residence
  • Caregivers and family can access a dashboard to check in on heart rate, behaviour, location, events, and reminders through a custom portal
  • Wireless system designed to send live data to a stand-alone server or integrated into DCC Nurse Call System


Care is always intelligent.

TivitiCare is always thinking for the better. The smart technology collects and analyzes data to create a window into seniors’ lives wherever they are aging. A user-friendly personal dashboard displays their health status, behaviour, actions taken such as calls for help, and general mood check-ins. Ongoing algorithmic analysis can also help to predict issues before they become critical.

  • Fall detection & call for help button
  • Heart rate and behavior measurement & analysis
  • Morning check-ins to see if all is well
  • Medicine, appointment, event reminders and custom alarms
  • Real-time monitoring of location, position, and device battery (on-hand, off-hand, charging)
  • Generates intelligent alerts and alarms for care staff through the portal or smart device

Seniors and Residents

Wherever they choose to grow older, TivitiCare helps seniors live more autonomously and feel more independence knowing uncompromised elderly care can always be counted on.

Care providers

TivitiCare alleviates workloads and allows for greater workplace efficiencies ultimately translating into higher quality senior personal and medical care.


A responsive, dependable non-emergency alert response system to know loved ones are always being cared for offering families greater peace-of-mind.