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Government technology that advances society

Technology is enabling government agencies to achieve lofty goals. See how our solutions are making it possible.


Integrated thinking to help you realize your vision

Expectations have never been greater for those who serve the public good. In a world that’s moving faster and faster, forward-thinking governments are reassessing priorities and pursuing exciting new initiatives. Sustainable energy. Smart city advancements. Intelligent roadways. Enhanced support for first responders.

Leveraging our deep government expertise, we’re employing new technologies and collaborations to help agencies meet their top challenges. As a trusted partner, we’re deeply committed to delivering solutions of unmatched reliability and value, and helping you fulfill your mission to protect your citizens and advance society.

Products & solutions

Law enforcement, national security forces and disaster response teams demand reliable technology. TOUGHBOOK® offers the lowest failure rates of any rugged computer.
With mobile solutions to access to real-time information, safe work conditions and efficient coordination with other first-responder agencies, emergency medical services (EMS) teams can save lives.
Panasonic mobile solutions combine TOUGHBOOK hardware with industry-leading software and services, so officers can respond faster and work smarter for greater productivity, transparency and accountability.
To save lives and property, firefighters need access to real-time information, safe work conditions and coordination with other first-responder agencies in emergency situations.
We help utilities scope scalable solutions in areas such as electrification of fleets, EV charging infrastructure and peak reduction, all areas where battery storage is key.
Our groundbreaking CIRRUS by Panasonic platform gives agencies real-time awareness of road and vehicle conditions, and the ability to share critical, actionable data with vehicles.

Why Panasonic

2 in 3 decision makers say it's a bigger risk to adopt disruptive technology too late versus too soon*

Enhancing life for residents and those who serve them

Disruptive technologies are changing how we live our lives, how we connect with others, and how we obtain and use data. As a recognized leader in 10 disruptive technologies, Panasonic is helping governments transform the places we call home through innovative initiatives in sustainability, mobility and public safety. But we’re not doing it alone. By working closely with government agencies on the front line and engaging in unique strategic partnerships, we’re taking a 360-degree approach to solving today’s challenges.

*Panasonic, Disruptive Technology Adoption Research, August 2018

Trusted when seconds count and lives are on the line

Whether it’s a police officer reporting an incident, a firefighter checking building schematics or military personnel performing aircraft maintenance, those who protect us need equipment that rises to the challenge. Even in harsh environments, TOUGHBOOK rugged computers deliver again and again, providing a low total cost of ownership.

As continuous connectivity and data access become more vital to carrying out their missions, public safety officials depend on us to get the job done. And we’re working hard to make their jobs easier.

Smarter solutions through innovation

Government technology initiatives can be among the most complex anywhere, due to the many diverse stakeholders who must align to ensure success. Our CityNOW team is highly skilled in coordinating such efforts and is spearheading innovative public/private partnerships to complete smart city and sustainability projects. In fact, we have a proven process to create consensus in four to six months around a smart city master plan, encompassing seamless mobility, clean energy, healthy buildings, safe streets and smart living.

You can also see the results of our smart collaborations on state roadways. Working with tech leaders such as Cisco, Amazon Web Services, Qualcomm and Ford – not to mention the DOTs in Colorado, Utah and Georgia – we’re developing the industry’s leading intelligent roadway ecosystem around our revolutionary transportation platform, CIRRUS by Panasonic.

58% of decision makers anticipate growth in energy storage adoption*

Sustainable energy solutions that benefit us all

Greater reliance on renewable energy has long been one of our top goals at Panasonic. At Denver’s Peña Station, for example, we developed the country’s first carbon-neutral energy plan for a smart city development, in coordination with Xcel Energy and Denver International Airport. And in Fujisawa and Tsunashima, we built Japan’s first sustainable smart towns from the ground up, creating a global model for smart city innovation. Our third sustainable smart town, Suita, is set to open in 2022.

To help reduce investment in new fossil-fuel plants, we’re working with utility companies to answer demands for clean energy and create new revenue streams.

* Panasonic, Disruptive Technology Adoption Research, August, 2018

Creating a better world

Our government technology is playing a pivotal role in improving lives through:

  • Intelligent roadways that can lead to improvements in highway safety
  • Renewable energy and storage solutions that create a healthier environment
  • Smart city infrastructure that makes life easier and promotes economic activity
  • Public safety solutions – including evidence collection, computer-aided dispatch and situational awareness tools – that help first responders keep us safe

Case studies

When OPS started using Toughbooks in 1999, Panasonic was proud to become its technology partner. Fast forward to 2020 and OPS is still deploying Toughbooks in the field—and Panasonic is prouder than ever to support Ottawa’s frontline officers with reliable solutions.

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