Energy & Utilities Technology Solutions from Panasonic

Progress in the energy industry is powered by Panasonic

Creating energy for the world is a complex endeavor. We make it easier through technologies such as solar power, battery storage and communications tools tailored to energy providers.

Bolder energy initiatives for a more demanding world

At Panasonic, our technologies are moving the energy industry forward. Collaborating with utilities, we’re bringing solar to more people. Working with communications companies, we’re meeting the demands of a power-hungry infrastructure more efficiently. And partnering with cities, venues and businesses, we’re creating more energy-conscious facilities.

But that’s not all. For oil, gas and mining companies, our operations and management services keep mission-critical operations going, utilizing ultra-reliable satellite communications and mobile computing devices purpose-built for remote workers in harsh environments.

By working together on solar, we can accelerate production of high-efficiency, extremely reliable solar cells at best cost.
J.B. Straubel, Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder, Tesla

It’s all about return on investment

The reality today is that renewable energy choices must improve the bottom line for many businesses to even consider them. So we work tirelessly to develop and optimize the performance of cost-efficient solutions, continuously developed through our own R&D resources.

For example, our solar panels are among the world’s most efficient and feature numerous innovations, like an ingenious bifacial cell design that captures light from both sides of the panel and a unique interior structure that reflects less light out. And, with our advanced solar tracking systems, panel angle can be optimized throughout the day for even greater solar ROI.

As experts in sophisticated green energy financing models, we can tailor a financing package that best meets your needs, including programs that require no capital outlay.

With end-to-end solutions from Coronal Energy, powered by Panasonic, Gulf Power is using 1.5 million solar panels to generate enough electricity to power 18,000 homes.

Turning waste into energy

Panasonic Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units help our industrial and utility partners get more from every energy dollar by capturing waste heat. This “free” energy is used to create steam, and hot or chilled water for facility heating, industrial uses and refrigeration. Our projects include upgrades to boilers, chillers and condensers, taking maximum advantage of CHP’s thermal benefits.

Optimizing battery storage

Battery storage is quickly gaining a foothold as energy systems evolve to accommodate the two-way flow of renewable power. At Panasonic, we’re helping utilities unlock multiple value streams from lithium-ion energy storage. For example, our solutions can take maximum advantage of surplus solar power generation, reduce peak demand on the year’s hottest days, keep prices in check through energy arbitrage, and provide backup power to facilities.

25 years minimum life expectancy of our solar panels

Keeping field techs connected, productive and responsive

Toughbook® and Toughpad® offer the widest range of rugged mobile computing devices you can find, all independently certified to perform at or above military-grade. These devices are ideal for the daily rigors faced by your field service workers.

Greener cell towers

Greener cell towers

We’re helping telecom providers maintain cellular and WiFi reliability, keeping critical infrastructure running with battery storage, intelligent remote management and solar power generation. There's no capital expenditure requirement to get started, and partners are seeing up to a 50% reduction in power OPEX.