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Moving the world forward

New transportation technology is opening up a world of possibilities. Our innovations are accelerating this change.


Modernizing our vehicles and roadways

The transportation system of tomorrow is taking shape today, and it will be driven by four big trends: app-based mobility (think Uber), electric vehicles, connectivity and autonomous driving. At Panasonic, we’re working closely with both vehicle manufacturers and transportation departments to embrace this future and transform how we all move through the world. Together, we’re reinventing just about every part of today’s vehicles, not to mention our roadways and the supply chain that uses them.

Products & Solutions

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Increase warehouse efficiency with Panasonic mobile solutions combining hardware, software and services, increasing productivity and inventory visibility.
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Panasonic mobile solutions for transportation & logistics combine TOUGHBOOK hardware, software and services to get goods to the right destination every time.
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Our rugged computers and tablets work around the clock to connect today’s warehouse to cloud data, increasing productivity, speeding up fulfillment and reducing errors.
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Our CIRRUS by Panasonic traffic management solution is at the heart of a connected highway system where cars and roads communicate, reducing congestion and improving safety.
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As the global leader in EV batteries, we’ve invested billions to achieve greater efficiency and economies of scale. This is critical to reaching a zero-carbon energy future.
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We’re changing how drivers and passengers interact with their vehicles, creating a next-generation experience that’s ready for an autonomous future.
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Data helps fleets cut costs and improve service. Our rugged laptops and tablets deliver critical insights and are built to survive the harshest weather and road conditions.

Why Panasonic

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Guiding our partners through digital transformation

With digital transportation technology, we look to create interconnected ecosystems rather than one-off answers. Our clients benefit from this holistic approach, which leverages open platforms to accelerate development, personalization to meet individual mobility needs and partnerships to build on the knowledge of the industry’s leading innovators.

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The first production-grade intelligent highway system

State DOTs recognize they can’t build their way out of congestion with concrete and asphalt. The answer, instead, lies in intelligent transportation – digital technology and data analytics that will enable connected vehicles to interact with intelligent roadways. As more miles of interstate are updated with smart sensors and other connected infrastructure, roadway operators will be able to monitor road conditions in real time and share critical information directly with drivers.

Building on our pioneering intelligent roadway work with the Colorado Department of Transportation, we’re continuing to expand our industry-leading CIRRUS by Panasonic platform in partnership with Utah and as a pilot in Georgia. For the connected vehicles that will utilize this platform, we’re leveraging OS ecosystems like Android Auto, auto-grade Linux and technology from IBM Watson and Qualcomm – a great example of how we bring innovation to market through modular solutions that plug into a cohesive platform.

Up to 80% fewer non-impaired, multi-vehicle crashes with connected vehicle technology

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A personalized experience for every passenger

As intelligent roadways pave the way for more autonomous vehicles, expectations for what a vehicle can be will evolve. Our next-generation cabins will offer passengers custom spaces that enhance their comfort, entertainment and productivity, while our industry-leading infotainment centers will serve as central communications and data hubs for their connected vehicles.

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Panasonic technology is also enabling personalized experiences on two wheels. The H-D™ Connect Service created by our R&D teams – available on Harley-Davidson’s first electric motorcycle, the LiveWire™ – gives riders access to an array of vehicle data and services through their mobile devices.

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Collaboration drives innovation in EV batteries

Strategic partnerships help us bring world-changing innovations to life more quickly. In addition to partnerships with tech giants like Google and Qualcomm, we’re investing heavily in our OEM partnerships. Together with Tesla, we opened the Gigafactory, representing more than a billion-dollar investment from Panasonic. And we’ve created a joint venture with Toyota developing automotive prismatic lithium-ion batteries, solid-state batteries and next-generation batteries. These partnerships have secured our leadership in the EV-battery market.

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A faster, more efficient supply chain

Needless to say, modernizing vehicles and highways will be a big benefit to those involved in supply chain logistics, such as commercial truckers. But our solutions facilitate the movement of goods in other ways too, beginning at the warehouse where rugged handhelds put data directly in the hands of workers.

Featuring long-life swappable batteries, these rugged handhelds can last across multiple shifts and offer an array of productivity-enhancing accessories, including barcode scanners, pistol grips and payment sleeves. With Windows CE at end-of-life, Panasonic provides supply chain companies a low-pain migration path: Android solutions that minimize training by retaining the current application’s look and feel.

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Creating a better world

Innovations in transportation technology advance our society. Through our robust investment in solutions such as intelligent roadways, EV batteries and autonomous vehicles, Panasonic is helping to move us closer to a carbon energy-free society. In addition, our solutions will enable people to navigate the world far more easily and safely.

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