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Z-Wave™ Control + Temperature, Humidity and Motion Insert New


Product details

Modular Smart Home enabled device

Key features

  • Z-Wave Plus certified with 800 series chipset
  • Temperature sensor between –10°C to 40°C (14°F to 104°F)
  • 0 to 100% RH (relative humidity) operating range
  • Occupancy/Vacancy detection with PIR motion sensor

Specification Description
Wireless standard Z-WAVE PLUS V2 Certified
Wireless band 908.42 MHz
Device compatibility N/A
Device upgrades OTA
Environmental Indoor installation only
Operating temperature -10 to 40°C (14 to 104°F)
Additional specs Motion Detection Range of 3m
Relative Humidity Range - 0-100% {+/- 5% RH)
Vacancy Timer Default 5min. User adjustable
Field of View of 120° degrees
Z-Wave hub/controller
HUB/Controller compatibility - Generic Z-Wave support
Z-Wave Series 800
Z-Wave node repeater

15A Configurable Receptacle

Generic panasonic image


20A Configurable Receptacle

Generic panasonic image


20/40/60 Dry Contact Timer Switch

Generic panasonic image


Auxiliary Control Switch

Generic panasonic image


Dimmer Switch

Generic panasonic image


On/Off Switch

Generic panasonic image


Swidget Z-Wave™ Control + Temp, Humidity and Motion Insert

Z-Wave™ 800-series Control - Simply snap in the Z-Wave Control + Temperature, Humidity, and Motion Insert and take command of your Swidget Wiring Device using your Z-Wave hub/controller. Take advantage of notifications, multiple Association Groups, and configuration parameters for use in developing advanced automations to monitor your home's energy consumption and power usage.

Temperature Humidity and Motion Control

Motion sensing - Control your Swidget light switches or outlets using a PIR infrared motion sensor by detecting occupancy and vacancy in a room.

Temperature and Humidity sensing - Passively monitor your room's ambient temperature and relative humidity with your Z-wave hub/controller user interface or actively use them in your automations to trigger actions such as bathroom fan control based on a humidity spike after a hot shower.


* 3rd party integrations are controlled and managed by external service providers. Swidget makes no warranty that these services will continue to exist or be supported over the full life of the product.