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True quality of a partnership shows when the going gets tough, but it will rarely be the case for our customers. Panasonic HIT® is designed to withstand against the worst case scenarios. Reliability is the heart and essence of our engineering. Panasonic a leader in consumer electronics, business solutions and industrial components has been in the solar business for 40 years, providing high efficiency and high quality solar panels HIT® for over 20 years. Click here to read Why Panasonic?


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25 Year Product Workmanship Warranty

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The warranty for HIT® panels now extends to 25 years, which supports the claim that high-efficiency solar panels are a long-term investment and that they should be treated as such. This 25-year workmanship warranty is available to all customers who register their systems within 60 days of installation via our online warranty website


Better Performance Warranty

Panasonic’s industry leading performance warranty is 90.76% of rated power after 25 years, far greater than other companies.


HIT® at HQ Facility in Newark, NJ

Panasonic’s vertical integration, 20 years of experience manufacturing HIT® and 20 internal tests beyond those mandated by current standards provides extreme quality assurance.

- Panasonic uses high-efficiency solar panels HIT® to enable daylight harvesting.
- Provides over 90% of employees with direct access to natural daylight.
- About 50% of employees use mass transit reducing carbon footprint by approximately 50%.

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Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town

Panasonic's most rewarding representation of our commitment to environmental responsibility is a showcase where we enhance people's lives with solar power, energy management and smart solutions.

- Will operate 70% Of the time off infrastructure Of smart technologies – Solar Power Generation Systems, Household Storage Battery Systems
- Project Cost Estimated At ¥60 Billion Yen (About $600,000)
- Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions By 70%
- Reduce Water Consumption By 30%
- Renewable Energy Utilization - Over 30%
- 3 Days Of Lifeline Power

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Why Choose Panasonic Solar?

Panasonic solar panels on the roof of a house


Going solar with one of America’s most trusted brands provides your family with decades of clean power and energy savings.