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The time for solar is now!

The cost of solar panels has fallen by 70% over the past decade. Solar is now an affordable option for the average homeowner. With zero-down financing at a competitive rate, you can switch to solar for a similar monthly payment to what you’re already paying the utility company. Take advantage of a fixed rate with an end date in sight and stop paying ever-increasing bills to the utility company.

About SunRay Solar
SunRay Solar is an authorized Panasonic installer and we’ve completed 600 installations across the state of New Hampshire since 2009. In addition to Panasonic’s 25-year warranties, our installations carry a 12-year workmanship warranty to ensure that your investment is properly installed and weatherproof.

FREE Consultation
Our expert Solar Advisors are committed to educating consumers and guiding them through the process of switching to solar. Schedule a FREE consultation to receive a customized proposal for your property and learn if solar is right for you.


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