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This solution offers an enhanced user-friendly interface that dynamically manages comfort, controllability and operating cost reduction. With this solution, building managers benefit from a series of dynamic controls that allows them to manage equipment, lighting, security, electrical distribution and power from a single interface, anytime and anywhere. Optional door, ceiling, window, carbon dioxide and leak sensors enable a fully-connected environment, and because other devices such as dehumidifiers and curtains can be connected to the system, controlling an entire room can be as simple as clicking a button. Additionally, in-room controls can be customized to welcome guests (e.g. “Welcome, Sarah”) and share alerts (e.g. “Door open, AC off”), creating a personalized experience for end users that encourages return visits. By creating a connected environment, the newest generation of Panasonic’s VRF Smart Connectivity Controls offers more monitoring, more control and more customization, benefiting building managers and end users alike.

Technical Guides

SER8150RxB1194 Installation Guide.pdf

SER8150RxB1194 BACnet Integration Guide.pdf

SER8150RxB1194 Modbus Integration Guide.pdf

SER8150RxB1194 Technical Cut Sheet.pdf

HRC Brochure - Data Sheet.pdf



ZigBee Pro Ceiling Mounted Motion Sensor Installation Guide.pdf

ZigBee Pro Wall Mounted Motion Sensor Installation Guide.pdf

ZigBee Pro Door and Window Sensor Installation Guide.pdf

ZigBee Module Installation Guide.pdf

SE8000 FASCIA Data Sheet.pdf

User Guide

SER8150RxB1194 User Guide.pdf