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Firmware for use with FirstNet®

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Get the latest firmware for TOUGHBOOK® to use with FirstNet®


TOUGHBOOK Rugged Devices with EM7455 module

Register for Firmware for TOUGHBOOK Rugged Laptops and Tablets with Sierra Wireless EM7455* modules

To activate FirstNet on TOUGHBOOK devices with the Sierra Wireless AirPrime® EM7455 module, please complete the registration form below. A Panasonic representative will then respond within 1 business day with firmware instructions on how to download and activate your firmware. Your FirstNet SIM card will be shipped to you and a Panasonic representative will contact you to schedule your FirstNet activation and SIM shipment. 

  • TOUGHBOOK devices with both EM7455 and EM7511 modules accept FirstNet (black) SIM cards. 
  • Devices with EM7355 and MC7355 modules can only accept AT&T commercial (orange) SIM cards with the FirstNet rate plan.

At a Glance: How to Register & Activate

Registration instructions for the latest Firmware and Device Activation to use with FirstNet (EM7455 modules only)

FirstNet Firmware Instructions

Register Here First

Please register your mobile device to request the latest firmware update. A Panasonic representative will send you download and activation instructions.

*Supported TOUGHBOOK Devices with EM7455

TOUGHBOOK 20 (CF-20 EM7455) TOUGHBOOK 54 (CF-54 EM7455)


TOUGHBOOK Rugged Devices with EM7511

Firmware for TOUGHBOOK Rugged Laptops with Sierra Wireless EM7511 - Ready for FirstNet

Download and install the FirstNet Firmware for TOUGHBOOK devices with the Sierra Wireless EM7511 module to allow the use of the black FirstNet SIM - no registration needed. Please note this firmware version also supports Verizon Network and AT&T commercial network.  Follow the procedure shown below for installing and connecting to FirstNet, which is the same as it is for any other carrier. Questions? Call (888-245-6344, option #2), Email or Chat with our support team.



*Supported TOUGHBOOK Devices with EM7511

TOUGHBOOK 20 (CF-20 EM7511) TOUGHBOOK 54 (CF-54 EM7511)
TOUGHBOOK 33 (CF-33 EM7511) TOUGHBOOK 55 (FZ-55 EM7511)

How to Install Firmware available for use with FirstNet

Installation instructions for for TOUGHBOOK devices with EM7511