Computers, Tablets & Handhelds Utility Software & Tools

Get the latest utilities and tools for your Toughbook computers, tablets and handhelds. Increase deployment times, make configuration easier, and more.


WMI BIOS Configuration Utility

Configure BIOS parameters for Panasonic laptops and tablets. This utility allows settings to be exported as VBS scripts for deployment.

For download, please contact your Toughbook Field Engineer to obtain a limited version of the WMI utility. We will post updated utility soon.


WMI Utility Readme

Read instructions for the WMI BIOS Configuration Utility. This file includes a list of supported models.

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CF-C2, CF-SX Battery Diagnosis Control Software

Install the mandatory battery software update for CF-C2 and CF-SX users.

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CF-54 Touchscreen Utility

Add more touch functions to your CF-54 Touch laptop models - including pen, pen touch, touch (finger), touch (glove) and touch (water).



CF-33 Premium Keyboard Brightness Update

Download the new utility for the CF-33 premium keyboard brightness functionality. This driver will increase the backlit brightness of the premium keyboard. While it will no longer be MIL-STD-461F compliant, it will continue to be FCC compliant.