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Recent Case Study

Panasonic's Air Conditioning Solutions for Senior Living Facilities

"The support is beyond measure.  We don’t get that type of support from other manufacturers and I’ve been doing this a long time. It’s so much easier to operate and the technical support is hands down the best."        
Tom Talbott, Mechanical Contractor, Campo Felice Senior Living Facility, Fort Myers, FL


Case Study Videos

Panasonic VRF Solution for Climate Controlled Storage Facility

"We found it much easier to install than anticipated.   The installation went really smooth and faster than a conventional ducted system.  All of the outdoor units are in one small condensed location so it was less labor time and material costs."
Jonathan Alvey, Project Manager, Self-Storage Facility, Columbia, SC


Panasonic VRF Installation at Shippensburg University

"You can heat or cool to your satisfaction in each room.  With the Panasonic VRF system we let the students decide their comfortable temperature. We found the energy consumption was equal or less than when we tried to control it through our Building Automation System and the students were more satisfied." 
Bill Lensie, Facility Manager, Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, PA 


Panasonic’s Air Conditioning Solutions for Senior Living Facilities

"These people who are going to live here deserve to have a very comfortable environment and control over the environment. That's what Panasonic is providing with this type of solution."

Heather Hsi, PE