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Roadside Unit (RSU) Manager

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The Cirrus by Panasonic RSU Manager application provides device-level management of connected vehicle roadside units (RSUs) regardless of installation location, vendor, or configuration. Ideal for deployments at intersections, along freeways, at truck and rest stops, in ports, and at electric vehicle charging stations, RSU Manager provides end-to-end device health monitoring, management and operations support.

With many connected vehicle deployments, it’s impossible to know if devices are broadcasting, or even connected to anything, without physically going out to an installation to test functionality. RSU Manager gives users instant remote insights into total device operation, all through the cloud.

By helping ITS device maintainers know when a device is working, what functions it’s performing, how it’s configured, and when it fails, RSU Manager allows operators to focus on their work instead of having to manually flip through terminal screens or other challenging software interfaces to understand device status. Through remote restart, power cycle, and configuration loading capabilities, operators can resolve many types of issues in just a few clicks, remotely, rather than rolling a bucket truck to do a costly field repair.

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