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CINELIVE with the EVA1 at Flatirons Church during a live cinematic multicamera video production

Introducing CINELIVE with the EVA1

In education, corporate communication, press conferences and seminars, House of Worship, social media outreach, and new content delivery over Facebook, YouTube and other streaming providers, live multi-camera production is on the rise. CINELIVE with the EVA1 brings a high quality finished look to your live productions at an affordable price in a versatile system that can grow with you over time.


CINELIVE with the EVA1 gives you cinema-quality performance at an affordable cost. Here are a few advantages of the system:

Full Remote Control

  • Live match all your cameras for color and exposure changes

Futureproof Technology

  • 4K or HD (or both!), HDR or SDR (or both!)

Cinematic Look

  • Super 35mm sensor for shallow focus, variable frame rate for cinema motion

Handle Challenging Lighting

  • Dual Native ISO with 14-stop dynamic range for difficult exposures, wide color gamut with deep 6-point control for precision color control

Surprisingly Affordable

  • More powerful than other systems at a lower price
“The EVA1 can switch on the fly to a high 2500 native ISO allowing shooting in low light situations or with long zoom lenses that may not pass a lot of light to the camera.”
Steve Cooperman, Cinema Product Manager

CINELIVE: EVA1 Studio Configuration

The EVA1 is designed to integrate with a variety of accessories to perform well in a live environment. EF lenses can be powered and controlled through the camera, and multiple outputs allow an operator view with focus aides and other tools displayed while a clean output is fed to your switcher. These outputs can be independently configured for 4K or HD. HLG is also available for HDR delivery.

studio config

CINELIVE: EVA1 Studio Example

  1. EVA1
  2. Canon 18-80 or 70-200 CN-E Compact Servo Zoom (pictured: 70-200 w/ Canon 2x extender)
  3. Tilta Nucleus-N remote focus control
  4. VariZoom VZPGC20 remote zoom control
  5. IKAN VXF7 7” monitor with arm
  6. Plugable or UGREEN USB to Ethernet adapter (for remote camera control)
  7. SmallRig baseplate, 15” rods, lens support
  8. Indipro Tools P-TAP power supply
  9. Assorted clamps & cables

* Approximate cost of configuration (including additional remote camera control panel) - $15,000 - $16,000

eva1 remote

CINELIVE: EVA1 Remote Camera Control

A key feature of the EVA1 is the ability to control all of the camera settings remotely. The EVA1’s USB port on the EVA1 works with several inexpensive Ethernet adapters to communicate between the camera and outside devices. The camera can be hardwired to an iOS or Android tablet running the free EVA ROP app or connected to a 3rd party remote control panel (RCP). While the EVA ROP app allows control of primary settings on the camera, Panasonic has worked with RCP manufacturers CyanView and SKAARHOJ to enable direct control of all of the EVA1’s matrix and other image controls, providing the ability to remotely paint and match EVA1s for live or near live production. It is also possible for the camera to communicate with these devices over WiFi to a LAN using the Panasonic AJ-WM50P WiFi Adapter. No other camera system allows this level of control and performance at an affordable price.



SKAARHOJ, a leader in universal broadcast controllers and hardware control panels, released a software update to their universal RCP (RCPv2) that is designed to control the EVA1, enabling multi camera production and traditional color grading workflows based on centralized CCU control.

EVA-LIVE and CyanView

CINELIVE:EVA1 with CyanView

CyanView has integrated control of the EVA1 with its Cy-RCP remote control panel and Cy-GWY-IO gateway. The CyanView system is designed to be able to control multiple cameras for a compact and economical multi-camera solution.