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Smart Transportation Is Finally Here: ‘CIRRUS by Panasonic’ V2X Solution Launches at CES 2019

Panasonic’s V2X open platform uses Cloud Analytics to deliver real-time, actionable information to DOT operations and travelers for safer roadways today and tomorrow

LAS VEGAS, NV (January 7, 2019) – There were 40,000 traffic-related deaths in the United States last year, 3 billion gallons of fuel wasted, and 6.9 billion hours spent in traffic. Connected vehicle (V2X) solutions can makes roads safer, reduce traffic congestion and CO2 emissions.  Panasonic is launching “CIRRUS by Panasonic,” a connected vehicle data platform that is expected to improve safety and mobility on the road by sharing data between vehicles, infrastructure, roadways and traffic operators in real time.

The centerpiece of a smart transportation ecosystem, CIRRUS by Panasonic provides cloud analytics data processing, real-time analysis and transmission, and data storage capabilities for sharing and updating vehicles and municipalities with road conditions, operations and other safety information.

“CIRRUS by Panasonic is accessible, adaptable, extensible and secure, developed using industry V2X standards so that it can be easily integrated into existing transportation systems,” said Jarrett Wendt, Executive Vice President CityNOW-Panasonic Corporation of North America. “Our intelligent transportation platform is built to scale for state-wide deployment of V2X technology on roadways, highways and arterials alike, enabling the immediate deployment of snowplows during winter storms or optimization of traffic flows through a city in real-time. CIRRUS by Panasonic is all about safety and efficiency for everyone on the road.”

A demonstration of this innovative platform is available at CES 2019 in Booth #12908 Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The Bridge Connecting Transportation NOC and Vehicles

CIRRUS by Panasonic is the bridge that shares important data between Department of Transportation (DOT) network operations centers (NOC) and vehicle information systems. An Internet of Things (IoT) application program interface (API) layer serves as the platform’s foundation to enable DOTs to utilize V2X as a data source for sensing roadway conditions in real-time. CIRRUS by Panasonic has an open specification API for V2X data collection and dissemination, while managing the input and output of significant vehicle data throughput from and to connected vehicles. The platform also includes Edge Analytics capabilities in the event of a Cloud Analytics service disruption.

CIRRUS by Panasonic uses Cloud Analytics to filter, translate and deliver all incoming V2X data into real-time, actionable information. The data is sorted for immediate action, aggregation, analytics, or storage depending on the functionality and business logic needs of the DOT. The CIRRUS by Panasonic platform’s Cloud Analytics also encompasses network management, systems performance and system security capabilities.

Scalable, Open and Agnostic Platform

As a scalable open platform, CIRRUS by Panasonic enables DOTs to provide partners with access to V2X data from external sources following industry-standard interfaces. DOT partners can develop endless V2X applications to address critical operations, safety and maintenance needs on roadways. CIRRUS by Panasonic’s open data API enables DOTs to share their V2X data with external organizations such as researchers, universities, emergency services, etc. The platform’s open development environment offers DOTs the ability to add new V2X applications to the system for continuous operational growth.

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