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Body-Worn Cameras

Panasonic Unveils New Software “Unified Digital Evidence” to Provide Seamless, Integrated Data Management Aligned with Body-Worn Cameras, In-Car Video Systems and More

NEWARK, NJ (July 12, 2018) Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America, a leader in connected solutions that support law enforcement and public safety, announced today the launch of its newest software technology to collect, manage and protect digital evidence. The new software “Unified Digital Evidence” (UDE) offers a unique platform to gather and store digital evidence from the Arbitrator™ In-Car and Body-Worn camera platforms, as well as other sources, including fixed surveillance and a variety of digital media devices. 

“UDE is a game changer,” said M. Faisal Pandit, SVP and Chief Digital Officer, Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America. “It integrates all the components into a single solution, is easily customizable to suit local requirements, and empowers agencies to fully own and manage their data in their own unified ecosystem – a totally new, comprehensive solution that revolutionizes law enforcement and public safety data management in multi-faceted ways.”

User-friendly features of the Unified Digital Evidence software include:

  • Advanced Video Analytics for object recognition using deep convolutional neural networks (CNN) technologies automates Redaction for sharing evidences with Media.
  • Simplified work-flow efficiencies and improved ease-of-use with Packaging and Publishing, ensures seamless sharing of evidence to external agencies/attorneys
  • Access anywhere, everywhere and on any device with the new Mobile app that complements our Web Application, helps the officer to tag evidences on-the-go.
  • Rich dashboard snapshots and summaries provide up-to-the minute insights and trends of evidence.
  • Integrated mapping with location playback capabilities help investigators review cases with geolocation on the map
  • Securely manage all assets in your fleet, track in real-time and provide remote updates of latest firmware with Device Management solutions.
  • Comprehensive and integrated Video Management and Evidence Management solution under one roof, in one ecosystem, with Video Insight (VI) & UDE ensures end-to-end Video Tracking


The UDE server scalability, storage and accessibility details include:

  • On-Premise, Cloud, and hybrid models
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud offering (SaaS) (government Cloud, CJIS Compliant)
  • Active law enforcement directory integration and synchronization
  • IACP Compliant (FIPS – 140, CJIS Compliant)
  • Mobile/remote management and updates for vehicles, cameras
  • Agnostic capability to storage systems (Local on Premise, DAS, SAN, NAS, Cloud)
  • Streaming video (requires network connectivity)

The Unified Digital Evidence solution allows customers to build an evidence capture and management system that aligns with their agency policies and department’s needs.  Data can be stored on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid solution that combines the best of both.  All data is owned directly by the agency, with no loss of rights or control

Panasonic has a rich history in public safety solutions, which not only includes the new Unified Digital Evidence solution, but also the Arbitrator Body-Worn Camera, Arbitrator 360°™ In-Vehicle System, both On-Premises and in Microsoft’s Azure Government Cloud, Safe City Solutions, Professional Services and Storage & Archive Solutions.
Unified Digital Evidence is now available for all new and current customers. For additional information visit Arbitrator Evidence Collection Systems and Connected Safety Coming to a City Near You.
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