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Panasonic Unveils New Battery Storage System, Total Home Energy Solution, and More at SPI 2019

World's largest manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries unveils new energy storage system, enhancements to its Panasonic HIT® Series solar panels, and research and development products at Solar Power International 2019

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Sept. 24, 2019) -- Panasonic unveiled its new residential energy storage system, EverVolt™,  new products and enhancements, and other solar portfolio anouncements today at Solar Power International 2019. The EverVolt™ features a  modular design and is available in AC and DC-coupled versions, offering a flexible solution optimized for homeowners' energy needs and budgets. The home energy storage system enhances Panasonic's full suite of home energy solutions, including its signature photovoltaic high-performance HIT® portfolio.

The Panasonic engineered storage system is compatible with any solar system or inverter and can be tailored to a homeowner's individual needs. In addition to offering both the AC and DC coupled options, the system can be scaled down to as little as 5.7kWh of energy storage or expanded to 34.2kWh. 

EverVolt™ offers simple, one-person installation and is field serviceable. It also comes equipped with advanced software and a user-friendly app for homeowners, allowing customization between multiple operating modes visibility into system status. The product is backed by a 10-year product and performance warranty, one of the best in its class for homeowners.

"Energy storage is one of the fastest-growing segments in the renewable energy space, and homeowners are eager to find a product that fits their exact needs," said Mukesh Sethi, group manager at Panasonic Solar. "With EverVolt, homeowners will be one step closer to grid independence and see a quicker return on their solar investment. EverVolt™ users will have the ability to store unused power to use when they need it most or sell surplus energy back to their local utility and generate income."

Panasonic Enhances Its All-Black 335/330 HIT®  Series, N330E/N325E Black Series AC Modules, and 340N HIT+® Modules

In addition to the new energy storage system, Panasonic had several additional announcements at the show:

  • Panasonic’s new all-black 335 HIT® series modules surpassed the 20 percent efficiency barrier. The all-black 335/330 HIT modules feature high efficiency, industry-leading temperature coefficient of -0.258% /­C and sleek design.
  • Updates to its N330E/N325E Black Series AC Modules, combining the efficiency of HIT®solar panels with the intelligence of seventh-generation Enphase IQ 7X Microinverters. The newly released series delivers a smart grid-ready module with high efficiency and high power output for residential solar systems.
  • A new 340N HIT® Module, designed to allow installers the ability to support projects with a higher voltage. Using HIT® technology, featuring high-efficiency n-type crystalline combined with amorphous layers, the 340N HIT® modules provide better performance in heat and low light conditions. The new 340N HIT® Module has a smaller footprint than competing products while providing the maximum energy yield and flexibility in constrained rooftop spaces.


  • Additional All-Black 335/330 HIT®  Series, N330E/N325E Black Series AC Modules, and 340N Modules module specifics:
  • Panasonic’s vertical integration, 22 years of experience manufacturing HIT®, and 20 internal tests beyond those mandated by current standards provide extreme quality assurance.
  • HIT “N-type” cells result in extremely Low Light Induced Degradation (LID) and zero Potential Induced Degradation (PID), which supports reliability and longevity. This technology reduces annual degradation to 0.26 percent compared to 0.70 percent in conventional panels, guaranteeing more power for the long haul.
  • TripleGuard warranty covers module performance, worksmanship and labor* (Equipment must be installed by Panasonic Authorized or Premium installer and registered through the Panasonic website)

New Research And Development Products

Panasonic showcased a variety of prototype technologies from its research and development team, highlighting its commitment to developing industry-leading technologies for homeowners and long-term partnerships with installers to help them build their businesses.

  • The 365/335 HIT® Multiwire Module uses SmartWire Connection Technology with half-cut cells to produce high module efficiency exceeding 20 percent. The high power output stemming from the 66 cell 365W/60 cell 335W comes along with a minimal output loss from cell microcracks.
  • Panasonic’s 410/375 HIT® Back Contact Module features back contact cell technology to produce an ultra-high module efficiency of 22 percent and a high power output of 66 cell 410W/60 cell 375W. The back contact module also offers enhanced aesthetics and superior curb appeal.

The new residential home energy system will be displayed alongside the Black AC and HIT® modules in booth #1201 to demonstrate Panasonic's full portfolio of solar home solutions. The company’s commitment to and investment in solar technology and energy storage allows Panasonic’s authorized and premium installers to offer unique solutions to homeowners with the confidence afforded by its industry-leading warranty. 


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