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For assembly lines that require high-speed, low-torque fastening, the new n-gineric micro driver system delivers the highest accuracy at the smallest possible torque levels.

All-in-one micro driver solution with advanced error proofing. Combines a high accuracy micro driver, bit tray, position sensing, and work instructions, all working seamlessly through one intuitive software program.

microdriver body image


  • Fully integrated design with minimal parts
  • Manage your micro assembly process on one software platform
  • Barcode scanning function to easily initiate program
  • Sequence editor enables easy configuration of work instructions, position sensor, and bit tray


Micro Torque Driver

  • High Accuracy rotary transducer at the bit chuck
  • Multi-step programming with Snug Torque Detection, apply torque or angle step for final tightening
  • 1.4 – 710 in-ozf
  • 4 programs stored to device with USB version, 32 programs stored with interface controller
  • 0.1degrees resolution of angle measurement at bit chuck
  • Brushless digital signal

Local Positioning Torque Arm

  • Integrated sensors for accurate position detection
  • Local positioning accuracy within 2mm
  • Easy to use software to calibrate position locations
  • Robust & precise arm design

Work Instruction System

  • Easy setup work instruction system
  • Visual & text notifications guide operator through each application
  • Easily configure work steps to match learned positions
  • Use any mobile device or camera to take an application photo to configure steps

Bit Tray

  • 8 slots for bits
  • 3 buttons for easy navigation of process errors (skip, cancel, continue)
  • Adjustable sensitivity using coil & light sensor to validate correct bit is in place
  • USB interface

Adaptive Screw Tightening Strategies

n-gineric micro-drivers use a proprietary algorithm to accurately detect snug torque based on user defined parameters. This allows the micro-driver to actively monitor the torque and angle of a rundown to detect when a fastener is snug. Once the snug point is automatically detected the program has the ability to apply final torque based on angle or torque. This allows you to achieve consistent clamp load across rundowns to reduce the effect of inconsistent parts.