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WhisperWarm® DC Fan│Heater,50-80-110 CFM


Product details

WhisperWarm DC ceiling mount fan/heater provides easy code compliance for the professional, while the homeowner/occupant enjoys a warmer, more comfortable and HEALTHIER environment, with enhanced heating technology that quickly heats up any bathroom.  Indoor comfortability is becoming more important in today’s environment and WhisperWarm DC is the solution!  

Key features

  • Precision spot ventilation fan/heater incorporates a powerful ECM motor with Smartflow™ Technology for optimum CFM output
  • Built-in 1600W Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heater provides instant warm up for safe and reliable operation. Combined with a unique circulation grille with built-in diffuser, it provides even more advanced heating performance
  • Pick-A-Flow® (50-80-110 CFM) combined with SmartFlow™ technology simplifies the selection process and ensures optimum performance to meet code and reduce callbacks
  • Light option includes a 10W dimmable LED chip panel with <1W LED night light, JA-8 compliant for CA Title 24 (night light must be wired separately)
  • Flex-Z Fast™ bracket provides flexible, fast and easy installation, even from below the ceiling

Specification Description
Model FV-0511VH1
Fan Type Fan/Heater
Advanced Features Pick-A-Flow™ Airflow Selector, ECM motor with SmartFlow technology
Air Volume Supply (CFM) @0.1= 110, 80, 50 @0.25= 112, 82, 51 @0.375= 110, 82, 53
Noise (Sones) @0.1"SP (50,80,110 CFM) = 0.7, <0.3, <0.3 @0.25"SP(50,80,110 CFM) = 1.5, 1.0, 08
Power Consumption (Watts) @ 0.1"SP (50,80,110 CFM) = 12, 7.7, 4.7 @ 0.25"SP = 19, 13.3, 8.6 @0.375"SP 26.0, 18.2, 12.3
Energy Efficiency (CFM/Watt) @ 0.1"SP (50,80,110 CFM) = 9.2, 10.4, 10.6 @ 0.25"SP = 5.9, 6.2, 5.9 @0.375"SP 4, 4.5, 4.3
Speed (RPM) 1342 1480 @ 0.1"SP (50,80,110 CFM) = 861, 736, 638 @ 0.25"SP = 1090, 1008, 930 @0.375"SP 1249, 1173, 1112
Current (Amps) @ 0.1"SP (50,80,110 CFM) = 0.24, 0.16, 0.10 @ 0.25"SP = 0.37, 0.26, 0.18 @0.375"SP 0.49, 0.35, 0.25
MAX. Current (Amps) 0.5
Power Rating (V/Hz) 120/60
Motor Type (AC/DC) ECM (DC)
Type of Motor Bearing Ball
Thermal Fuse Protector Yes
Blower Wheel Type Sirocco
ENERGY STAR® Certified No
Duct Diameter 4" or 6" (inches)
Mounting Opening (in sq.) 10-1/4" x 16"
Grille Size (in sq.) 13-1/4" x 18-1/4"
Gross Weight (lbs) 16.3
UL tub/Shower Enclosure No
Wall Installation No
California Title 24 Complaint (LED) Yes
Mfg in ISO 9001 Certified Facility Yes

WhisperWarmDC FV-0511VH1 50-80-110 CFM, Ceiling Mount Fan/Heater

Indoor comfortability is becoming more important in today’s environment. WhisperWarm DC provides easy code compliance for the professional, while the homeowner/occupant enjoys a warmer, more comfortable and HEALTHIER environment, with enhanced heating technology that quickly heats up any bathroom.  WhisperWarm DC does a great job if you live in an older home and there's no heat at all in the bathrooms; or if you run an assisted living facility and want to provide extra comfort to your residents; or you're a residential remodeler looking to squeeze extra value into a bathroom, W Warm DC is the solution!  

Installed Performance guarantees up to .375” w.g. static pressure and certified quiet operation at 0.25" w.g. static pressure

Although ASHRAE, ENERGY STAR®, LEED for Homes, and HVI have set the industry standard for performance measurement at 0.1” and 0.25" w.g., WhisperWarm DC fan/heaters not only provide the powerful CFM output at 0.375" w.g. that is more representative of most installations.  Sones have also been certified at 0.25" w.g.*



ECM Motor- Best Performing, Most Energy Efficient Motor Available

WhisperWarm DC fan/heaters features the same revolutionary ECM motor that comes with our WhisperGreen line of products. With built-in SmartFlow™ technology, WhisperWarm DC fan/heaters are designed to perform as rated, providing precision ventilation. When the fan senses static pressure, its speed is automatically increased to ensure optimal CFM output. This feature provides peace of mind, as the installer doesn’t have to worry about compromising the fan’s performance, even with a complicated duct run. 


Warm DC ECM Motor

High-Tech PTC Heating Element

1600W Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heater provides greater safety and reliability.  They are self-limiting, which means that as they approach their design operating temperature, electrical consumption is automatically decreased, which prevents them from overheating. 


Warm DC Heater

Low-profile Grille with Built-In Diffuser

The unique, adjustable grille with built-in diffuser and directional louvers produces higher output velocity for dispersing and directing warm air faster and wider.

Warm DC Grille

Pick-A-Flow® Airflow Technology – You Choose The CFM

Built-in Pick-A-Flow® Airflow Selector provides the unique ability to select your required airflow (50-80-110 CFM) with the simple flip of a switch. Being able to choose the proper CFM level gives you the flexibility and assurance that one fan will satisfy a range of ventilation design requirements and perform as promised, even with a complicated duct run.

Fast, Flexible and Easy Installation

The Flex-Z Fast™ Installation Bracket with single-hinge articulating joints to easily position bracket in between the joist and/or through ceiling hole installs the fan exactly where you want it, in old or new construction. WhisperWarm DC incorporates an integrated dual 4 in. or 6 in. duct adapter to give you flexibility in duct layout and design. For short runs, you can go with a smaller duct size, but long runs are OK too - just move up to the 6 in. duct. Also fits in 2 x 8 construction.  anasonic fans are UL listed for tub/shower enclosure (just install them on a GFCI-protected circuit). With these great features, your installation options open up.

Additional Benefits

  • Minimum 20 Amp dedicated circuit required. For optimum performance, install heater no more than 8 feet from floor to ceiling.
  • Fits in 2x8 construction for easy bathroom remodeling and renovations  
  • Integrated 4" or 6" dual duct adapter enhances installation options
  • Low profile housing design and grille assembly provide superior output, in a smaller footprint.
  • Built-in damper reduces back drafting and helps with blower door testing
  •  Warranty: 6 years ECM Motor, 5 years LED, 3 years all other parts