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Product details

Duplex 125VAC 20A modular Smart Home enabled device

Key features

  • Universal compatibility to work with all wireless platforms
  • Independent direct power monitoring for each of the two receptacles
  • Wide range of customization and feature options with plug and play Swidget Inserts
  • User-safe with Tamper Resistant outlets and a certified Class 2 power output
  • "Wall Plate Not Included"

Panasonic - Swidget Smart Devices

The Swidget product line has been developed to support the easy integration of Home Automation and Smart Home markets with unique and flexible solutions. Adding a Swidget Insert turns the wired device into a powerful and flexible Smart Home device. The interchangeability of the Swidget Inserts ensure that the system can work with any existing or future Smart Home wireless system.

20A Configurable Receptacle

The 20A Outlet has the ability to allow interchangeable Swidget Inserts to be installed, removed or replaced - making Swidget the optimal choice for building renovations and new construction. The Swidget 20A Outlet uses a simple interface, making installation easy.

Panasonic is a distributor of Swidget Smart Controls in the US.

For Swidget product line technical support, including warranty, please call 1-888-814-2155, or email [email protected]

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