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woman extending arms -Healthy Indoor Air, as Easy as E-R-V
Building scientists agree on energy recovery ventilation (ERV) as the optimum ventilation strategy. In this webinar, Panasonic ventilation expert Russell Pope discusses effective ventilation solutions for healthy homebuilding and the importance of a balanced ventilation strategy in residential and commercial spaces. All bases are covered, including balanced ventilation, negative and positive pressurization, MERV 8/13 filtration, code compliance, ASHRAE 62.2 and more
All Fans Webinar
Some ventilation fans are powerful enough to expel toxins and moisture out of the home, helping create a healthy living environment where occupants can breathe clean air. Unfortunately, many are not. There’s proof that a vent fan’s listed airflow rating may not mean much. Despite a fan’s advertised cubic feet per minute (CFM) rating, testing by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory shows nearly half of all installed ventilation fans fail the required airflow standards outlined in ASHRAE 62.2. That’s a lot of non-compliant vent fans. And a lot of wasted money for builders, contractors, and homeowners.