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Intelli-Balance® 200 - Any Climate ERV; (Corded Model); 60 to 200 CFM


Product details

Intelli-Balance®200 is a ceiling, floor or wall mount Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) that’s ideal for meeting whole house ventilation requirements under ASHRAE 62.2.

Key features

  • Multi-speed selector (60 to 200CFM) provides customizable supply and exhaust airflow to create balanced, positive or negative pressure within a residential or commercial space.
  • Two (2) powerful ECM motors with Smart Flow™ technology ensure predictable airflow outputs up to .40 " w.g. of static pressure.
  • Occupant controllable Boost function provides increased ventilation on demand.
  • MERV 13 filter included for superior air filtration; MERV 13, MERV 8 and HEPA filter replacements available.
  • Engineered for use in any North America Climate Zone.

Balanced Ventilation

Tightly built homes and buildings utilizing exhaust only fans can create negative pressure. Intelli-Balance®200 solves this by allowing the installer to adjust supply air to replace exhausted air, helping to balance air pressure within the home.

Panasonic Intelli-Balance®200 ERV uses four integrated 6” round duct adaptors. The Panasonic Intelli-Balance®200 ERV low speed, continuous run setting helps remove moist, stale air and replace it with fresh air. Exchanging stale air with fresh has been shown to reduce aerosolized virus and bacteria counts.

Intelli-Balance®200 can be installed on the floor, and wall or ceiling mounted (chain mount and brackets included) and does not require connection to the Central HVAC or the addition of a condensation line. This allows it to be installed in many places throughout the home to meet space and design requirements

Home Air Pressure


ECM Motor Technology

Intelli-Balance®200 uses two (2) ECM brushless motors with built-in SmartFlow™ technology for precision ventilation. When the ERV senses static pressure, its speed is automatically increased to ensure desired output; regardless of a complicated duct run. This feature provides peace of mind, as the installer doesn’t have to worry about compromising the ERV’s performance. Both ECM motors are rated for continuous run and are totally enclosed to ensure long-life and continuous, quiet operation. Each motor is equipped with a thermal cutoff fuse.

Intelli-balance map

Multi-Speed Selector

Intelli-Balance®200 includes a built-in Multi-speed selector that provides the unique ability to select your required supply (60-80-100-120-140-160-180-200 CFM) and exhaust airflow (60-80-100-120-140-160-180-200 CFM), with the simple turn of a dial. This truly customizable airflow capability allows the installer to create balanced, positive or negative pressure within the envelope.

intelli controls

Whole House ERV

Intelli-Balance®200 is a ceiling, floor or wall mount Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) that’s ideal for meeting whole house ventilation requirements under ASHRAE 62.2. Intelli-Balance (R) 200 is also an ideal choice when partnered with mini-splits or VRF Heat Pumps for fresh, balanced air with energy recovery which makes it a very affordable, cost-effective IAQ solution.

Ideal for: Single Family Homes (≤ 7500 sq. ft., up to 7 bedrooms) / Condominiums /Apartments / Housing Authority Properties / Hotels / Studio apartments (based on ASHRAE 62.2 2010 standard.)


Mounting: Intelli-Balance®200 can easily be installed on the floor, from the ceiling or on the wall using the included chain mount or cleat hanger bar. Various mounting cleat positions allow for multiple wall installation configurations. Intelli-Balance®200 can also be chain mounted and suspended. Adjustable brackets and

screws are provided to secure the unit to the joist on 4 corners.

Wiring: Power consumption at 200CFM, is 129 Watts at .4 static pressure with a

power rating of 120/60 V/Hz.

Duct: Insulated 6" duct is recommended.

Static Pressure Access Ports: Intelli-Balance®200 incorporates static pressure

ports for measuring the differential pressure of fresh air and exhaust air for

balancing airflows.

Supply and return air adapters are adjustable providing greater installation flexibility.