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Intelli-Balance® 100 - Any Climate ERV (Hardwire Model) (Mirror Model); 50 to 100 CFM New


Product details

Intelli-Balance® 100 is designed to help you meet ASHRAE 62.2 requirements. This unique and cost effective ERV was engineered for total versatility and installation flexibility, in any climate zone. Built-in controls minimize the time it takes to set desired airflow, as well as verify and maintain performance. Intelli-Balance®100 allows you to simply design and specify your ventilation system requirements, improve IAQ and reduce ventilation costs.

Key features

  • Designed for multi-family dwellings and new homes built to meet energy efficiency standards.
  • Available in symmetrical configurations for mirror-image floorplans.
  • Engineered for use in any North America Climate Zone, regardless of what traditional H/ERV zone maps show.
  • Two (2) DC motors with Smart Flow™ technology ensure optimum CFM output.
  • Multi-speed selector (50 to 100 CFM) provides customizable airflow to create balanced, positive or negative pressure within the home.
  • Junction box on hardwired models has 2 convenient knockouts for routing power.

DC Motor Technology - The Best Performing, Most Energy Efficient Motor Available

Intelli-Balance 100 uses two (2) DC brushless motors with built-in SmartFlow™ technology. When the ERV senses static pressure, its speed is automatically increased to ensure optimal CFM output; regardless of a complicated duct run. This feature provides peace of mind, as the installer doesn’t have to worry about compromising the ERV’s performance. Both DC motors are rated for continuous run and are totally enclosed to ensure long-life and continuous quiet operation. Each motor also comes equipped with a thermal cutoff fuse.


Multi-Speed Selector

Intelli-Balance®100 includes a built-in multi-Speed selector that provides the unique ability to select your required supply (50-60-70-80-90-100 CFM) and exhaust airflow (50-60-70-80-90-100 CFM), with the simple turn of a dial. This truly customizable airflow capability allows you to create balanced, positive or negative pressure within the home.



The adjustable Minutes Per Hour (Min/Hr) timer allows the user to set the number of minutes per hour the ERV should run. This gives scalability of air flow relative to property size; from the smallest multi-family to larger single family applications.This ensures consistent and controlled ventilation throughout the day for compliance with ASHRAE 62.2. Factory default setting is 60 Min/Hr.

Operation in Extreme Temperatures

FV-10VEC2R / FV-10VEC2RH are your go-to for residential single family applications where you have flexibility with the ducting configuration. Suitable for any climate zone in the US, this model the stocking distributors choice to simplify the decision for national distribution when the product could go to any climate zone. All of the features necessary for optimal operation in any climate zone are the same as the FV-10VEC2 and this model offers the shortest lead time of all models.


Exchange Capillary Core

Indoor and outdoor air pass through Panasonic’s patented capillary core designed to transfer heat and moisture. This process tempers supply air while transferring moisture. The core’s high latent energy (moisture) transfer makes Intelli-Balance 100 ideal for use in most climate zones, as it helps expel moisture during incidences of high relative humidity (RH) and helps return moisture back inside during the winter for a healthier, more comfortable living environment.


Filters Extend the Life of the Core

Two filters clean the exhaust and supply air before it passes through the ERV core. A hinged access panel allows for quick and easy product maintenance and filter checks.

Convenient light indicator and unobtrusive alarm signal on the access panel will help inform the homeowner when it’s time to check and clean the filters (2,160 hours runtime).

Both filters should be vacuumed with a soft brush attachment every 2-3 months or as needed, and the supply air filter should be inspected every 90 days and replaced every 6 months to maintain the ERV’s peak performance, or as needed based on the environment and operating conditions.


ENERGY STAR® Certified for Energy Savings*

Panasonic Energy Recovery Ventilators(ERVs) are ENERGY STAR® certified where guidelines exist. ENERGY STAR® ERVs meet strict parameters set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Model FV-10VEC2 meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by Natural Resources Canada and is ENERGY STAR® certified for the Canadian market only.