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D-65 Black / D-65 White

Product details

The Vortex D-65 creates uniform air temperatures from floor to ceiling for maximum thermal comfort and energy savings up to 35% in the heating season and up to 25% in the cooling season.  


Key features

  • WARRANTY: 10-years Limited warranty
  • Includes 3 types of UL approved fast-mounting hardware
  • Available in both white or black
  • Effective in facilities with ceiling heights from 15' to 75' high
  • Quiet, energy-efficient fans, delivering a focused, easy-to-direct column of air

•   Run independently of existing HVAC system

•   Speed controllable, allowing fine-tuning for individual comfort

Spec Sheets

Submittal Sheets

Installation manual

3D shaped vanes design stator converting rotational energy loss into a columnar air flow for longer straight throw. Airflow can be directed along any vector for precision use. It is easy to angle the fan to direct airflow to hit or miss a particular area. 


Vortex D-65 fans are powered by a mixed flow impeller resulting in an ultra-quiet operation. Consider using a destratification fan in these places: Grocery Stores, Warehouses, Airports, Gyms, Restaurants, Theaters, Medical Clinics, Classrooms, etc.