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Dryer Exhaust Duct Power Ventilator New


Product details

The VTX-DEDPV is a UL705 rated exhaust fan that includes an integrated pressure sensor, and a wall-mounted indicator panel with 50ft of cable. In the event of a problem, the LED panel will inform the homeowner of the nature of the problem.

Panasonic is the exclusive distributor of Atmosphere products in the US

Key features

  • LED indicator panel for operation status
  • Reduce drying times and energy consumption
  • Certified to UL 705 dryer exhaust duct power ventilator suitable for gas & electric dryers
  • All metal housing with a powder coat finish ensuring long lasting rust protection
  • Automatically energizes when the dryer begins to operate No user interaction necessary


As laundry rooms move to morecentralized location in the home, longer and morecomplicated dryer duct runs are needed. Long andcomplex duct runs create a rise in static pressureresulting in a built of lint that can lead to a housefire. 

Four mounting clamps and two cleanouts come with the product for ease of installation. An integrated thermal fuse is built into the all DEDPVs as a safety device and will de-energize the fan in the event of abnormal exhaust temperatures.