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Dryer Exhaust Duct Power Ventilator New


Product details

The DBF-DEDPV solves problems caused by long duct runs on clothes dryers. For years, dryer exhaust fans have been used in single and multi-family buildings with long dryer exhaust duct runs. Many homeowners are delighted with the results.

Panasonic is the exclusive distributor of Atmosphere products in the US

Key features

  • The DBF-DEDPV monitors internal pressure and notifies homeowner in case of a blockage
  • Quick and easy maintenance cleaning
  • Fast and easy wall mounted installation
  • 18Ga Galvanized steel housing ensuring long lasting rust protection
  • Integrated lint trap with low pressure drop
  • Reduces drying time and energy consumption
  • Certified as a DEDPV UL705
  • 10-year warranty

The DBF-DEDPV is a hard-wired, all in one product featuring an integrated lint trap and a pressure sensor to automatically sense when the dryer is on.

DEDPV’s require a permanently mounted LED panel indicating the operational status, prominently displayed for easy observation by the dryer operator. This monitor should correspond with the operation of the dryer for the duration of the cycle.