Featured Reseller Partners

Panasonic sells TOUGHBOOK® rugged computing solutions through a network of world-class authorized reseller partners. Contact any of the featured resellers below to purchase TOUGHBOOK Laptops, Tablets and 2-in-1 devices online now.

For handheld inquiries, visit our handheld partner locator.




Bizco is a legacy reseller with more than 20 years' experience providing TOUGHBOOK solutions in all industries.

877-2B-TOUGH  |  Visit Website  |  Lincoln, NE




BAYCOM provides mobile data solutions to public safety agencies, utilities and field service organizations.

800-726-5426  |  Visit Website  |  Green Bay, WI




Daly Computers, Inc. has been a trusted IT service provider to government and education customers for over 30 years.

800-955-3259  |  Visit Website  |  Clarksburg, MD




Rugged Depot is a longstanding reseller partner with expertise in rugged computing, mounting, docking, printing and communications for more than 16 years.

800-982-3758  |  Visit Website  |  Magnolia, TX


CDS Office Technologies


CDS Office Technologies is a full-line office technology reseller/solution provider serving the Public Safety sector.

800-367-1508  |  Visit Website  |  Springfield, IL


Mobile Concepts Technology


Mobile Concepts Technology is a provider of Panasonic rugged technology for government agencies, including police and fire departments, EMS and other public entities.

480-299-3116 | Visit Website | Phoenix, AZ

turn-key mobile


Turn-Key Mobile’s mission is to create integrated solutions for our valuable customers through a professional, knowledgeable and qualified team.

844-808-8890  |  Visit Website  |  Jefferson City, MO




TransCOR provides rugged mobile computing solutions for utilities, field service, transportation, defense, public safety and OEM applications.

888-RUGGED-3  |  Visit Website  |  Boston, MA


Mooring Tech


Mooring Tech provides customized and creative TOUGHBOOK solutions from seasoned experts focusing on quick delivery across all industries.

877-532-8088  |  Visit Website  |  Atlanta, GA