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n-gineric Accessories - Other

Product details

Sensor Interface ng-TC-ai

Intelligent sensor interface with analog input for torque and force sensors based on strain gauges

Key features

  • USB, Ethernet and ng-Link interface
  • Sampling-rate 2 kHz /4 kHz
  • Signal-LED
  • Aluminum casing - Dimensions 50 x 50 x 30 mm
  • Operating temperature 0 °C bis +40 °C

Interface Extension ng-eTTx

For all intelligent torque and force sensor with ng-Link interface, to connect to a PLC

Key Features

• 8 isolated digital Inputs, NPN or PNP configurable, voltage range 12 – 36 V

• 8 isolated digital Outputs, NPN or PNP configurable, voltage range 12 – 36 V

• Supply voltage 24 V DC 1 A (sensor consumption included)

• Direct signalizing of control window status

• Integrated in a SUB-D-25 housing

• Connector compatible to the ng-Link interface

• Cable length 1.8 m or 5,0 m

Power Supply Units ng-TD-PS

Chart, n-gineric Accessories - Other (Power Supply Units)

Torque Driver Controller Interface ng-TDC

The Digital Interface for Torque Driver Spindles ng-TDH-i and ng-TDS-i can manage 32 screw tightening programs which can be addressed directly vial digital I/Os, Additional interfaces provide versatile connectivity to external controls.

Chart - Torque Driver Controller Interface ng-TDC


Program Selector ngTD-PSW16

The program selector switch ng-TD-PSW16 is suitable for n-gineric screwing systems that are equipped with the screw controller ng-TDC. It allows the external manual selection of the desired tightening program via a rotary switch with 16 positions. It´s connected to the digital I / O interface of the ng-TDC.

Key Features

• Selection of program 1 - 16

• Cable length 1.8 m

• Connector: SUB-D-26-HD

Foot Switch ng-Tx-FSW

The footswitch ng-Tx-FSW can be used as an external operating element for the n-quirer TT and n-quirer TD application. It is connected to the PC running the software via USB.

The following functions are available:

n-quirer TT

• External measurement triggering

• Quick graph export into Excel format (for multi-graph collection) n-quirer TD

• Start of the screw tightening process • Connector: USB-A, cable length 2.5 meters

Barcode Reader ng-BCR

The barcode reader can be used in conjunction with the n-quirer TT and n-quirer TD software for the following functions:

• Load measurement or sequencer programs

• Identification of tools

• Identification and assignment of workpieces

Screw Feeders NSR and tips

The feeders are provided with an accessory set that is selected depending on the screw size. It consists of a suitable outlet rail and a cross slide plate and must be ordered as a separate item. From M1 to M4 with a screw length of up to 20 mm.

Vacuum Adapter Assemblies for Micro Sensor Torque Driver Spindles ng-TD are available in different sizes. They are selected according to the driver size, the screw geometry and possible constraints of the workpiece. Vacuum nozzle is not included.

Chuck Adapter Assy HM4--f-HEX6.35-m

Chuck Adapter Assembly for screwdriver spindles with half-moon bit holder, for the use of bits with ¼ “hexagon drivers.