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Product details

The Panasonic UA3P profilometer series is designed to measure aspherical lenses & molds, semiconductor wafers, and any other precision component requiring nanometer level accuracy ranging up to 200mm x 200mm. Different machine models are available to meet your optical & high aspect ratio metrology needs.

The UA3P-300, UA3P-4 and UA3P-5 all offer users the accuracy of AFM technology with the measurement range of a CMM. Our unique approach uses atomic force probe technology in the stylus and HeNe laser-based interferometric XYZ axis positioning.

Couple this technology with a solid granite-base and you have a robust metrology system that can be used on the factory floor and still deliver 0.1um level total uncertainty.

Key features

  • The UA3P can measure aspherical lenses and free-form mirrors and their molds, which are essential for digital consumer electronics such as mobile phones, DSCs, DVDs, and Blu-ray recorders, as well as in home security, optical communications, and vehicle H
  • Ultra-accurate measurement in only 3 minutes
  • Automatic NC program generation
  • Extensive library of optional software
  • Easy operation supports rapid feedback to machining

Specification Description
Model ID UA3P-300
Outer Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 700 x 780 x 1,500
Mass of Main Body 700 kg (Others: 150 kg)
Measuring Range (X, Y, Z axes) mm 30x30x20
Measured Object Placement Area (X, Y, Z axes) mm 100x100x100
Measuring Probe AFP
Resolution 0.3nm
Max. Inclination Angle for Top-Surface Measurement 75º
Measurement Accuracy with Top-Surface Probe 30° max.: ±0.05 µm (round trip)
45° max.: ±0.08 µm (round trip)
60° max.: ±0.15 µm (round trip)
70° max.: ±0.15 µm (back)
*When using the standard ruby stylus or ceramic stylus
Measurement Accuracy by Coordinate Axis (XY axis measurement accuracy) 100 mm max.: 0.05 µm (Repeatability 0.05 µm max. )
200 mm max.: 0.1 µm (Repeatability 0.05 µm max.)
Measurement Speed 0.005-5 mm/sec
Operating Environment Temperature 20-23°C (Variation ±1°C max.)
Operating Environment Humidity 20-60% (Wind from air conditioners should not directly blow onto the equipment)
Operating Environment Vibration Allowance 2.0 cm/s2 ( = 2.0 gal) Recommended 0.5 cm/s2
Air Pressure Source 0.5 MPa - 1.0 MPa Flow rate 150 NL/min
Standard Accessories Standard ruby stylus, standard diamond stylus, AFP (Model 300: 1 pc., Models 4 and 5: 2 pcs. each), standard ball for calibration, printer