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[On-Demand] Empower your teams and achieve better efficiencies with technology. Analyzing benefits, barriers & solutions to adopting tech

December 06, 2023 1:00 pm 01:00 pm - 01:45 pm
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At a survey conducted recently at IACP 2023, respondents voiced their views on technology in law enforcement.

An overwhelming 94% of the respondents expressed their concerns with regards to the staffing shortages in law enforcement. One solution we can all agree on to address that concern to a certain extent is to digitalize and automate certain manual functions performed by officers. This will reduce the pressure and burden they are enduring with the workloads and enable them to be more efficient.

Based on the findings from the survey, this webinar will endeavor to address some of the top areas of law enforcement that were identified by respondents that would benefit with adoption of technology. We will identify the benefits for the users as well as the agencies. Most importantly this panel will address the barriers that were found to be preventing agencies from adopting these technologies and discuss ways to overcome them.

These three panelists who were themselves leaders in law enforcement, will share with you, insights on:

  • Right tech to equip your teams with to empower them and stay prepared.
  • Technologies and services that can help your teams to boost efficiencies.
  • Top barriers to adopting tech and ways to overcoming them.



  • Chris Mannino, Vice President, Julie Parker Communications, Ret. Chief, Park Forest PD. FBINA session #237
  • Marcus Claycomb, Business Development Manager, Panasonic Connect North America, Ret. Cdr. Melbourne PD. FBINA session #273
  • Sean Georgia, National Strategic Accounts Manager, Panasonic Connect North America, Ret. Major PA State Police. FBINA Session #265

Wednesday, December 6, 2023 at 1:00pm (EST)

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