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Live events become larger than life

To get people off the couch and into your venue’s seats, you have to provide exciting experiences they simply can’t get at home. Our technologies can help you turn up the excitement in all kinds of ways.

Setting the stage for large-format and outdoor entertainment

The entertainment industry has enormous opportunities to connect with fans through breakthrough AV and content solutions like projection mapping, video walls and interactivity with smart phones. One company has the end-to-end capabilities to deliver these unforgettable experiences: Panasonic.

84-foot video board at Sacramento Kings' Golden 1 Center is nearly the length of the court!

Our displays are at the center of it all

While we’ve created some of the world’s largest and sharpest – like the NBA’s first 4K Ultra HD video board in Sacramento and the record-setting Colossus at Bristol Motor Speedway – we’re also creating holistic fan experiences. Now, the industry’s largest displays are serving as platforms for fans’ social engagement, while connected displays throughout venues are delivering contextual promotional and event messages at just the right time.

Our Augmented Reality Skybox projects stats and replays directly onto the windows of stadium suites, so fans can tap, swipe and feel immersed in the game, without missing a second of the action.

The sports venue of the future – available now

At the Atlanta Braves new stadium, engaging experiences are everywhere you look. As you approach through an integrated entertainment district, two-sided interactive kiosks connect you to diverse entertainment, retail, and dining. As digital signage directs you to your seat, the park’s centerpiece takes over – a 120 by 64 foot LED video board that boasts the best sports viewing experience currently possible.

A central control room makes sure it all works smoothly, including:

  • A network of displays and signage throughout the ballpark and district
  • Real-time data acquisition to help increase fan engagement on the fly
  • A custom-designed professional sound system
  • A scalable, integrated security management system
When we looked at Panasonic, we understood they are a multi-dimensional company with a vast variety of emerging technologies.
Mike Plant President of Development, The Atlanta Braves

How fans scored the best Wi-Fi in football

For many sports fans, being at the game means streaming and tweeting and posting. Now visitors to the Philadelphia Eagles’ Lincoln Financial Field can experience the first major sports venue with ultra-high density Wi-Fi. How fast is it? It offers five times the throughput from five times the distance, numbers that any stats-obsessed fan can get behind.

Stretching the imagination wider

Some of the biggest showcases of imagination come courtesy of our high performance projectors – the lightest and brightest in the industry. They show off content in vivid color, creating captivating in-seat experiences. And they’re flexible enough for use throughout venues, whether you need to engage fans who are waiting in line, or display content in breathtaking panoramas.

The brains behind the operation

Even the smartest LED technology needs a command center to coordinate the magic and a content team to dream up that magic. Panasonic control room equipment enables production venues to monitor and control all live video, recorded content and audio. As an end-to-end solutions provider, Panasonic’s skilled personnel can provide:

  • Consultation
  • Design and engineering
  • Full content development
  • Implementation
  • Service & Support

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