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Whether you’re building homes in small developments or master planned communities, Panasonic high- efficiency solar + storage solutions can help make your projects among the eco-friendliest in the country.

  • Sell homes faster
  • Attract more buyers
  • Increase sale price and profit
  • Promote healthy homes and green living
  • Be a leader in energy efficient homebuilding
Solar solutions for home builders - contractor meeting

Partner with a sustainability leader

A smart solar investment will provide home buyers with clean power and energy savings for 25 years or more. Let’s make sure you do it right.

When it comes to panel technology, revolutionary materials and system design have led us to record-setting module efficiencies and product quality.

Working with leading home builders and solar installers from coast to coast, our partner programs support your team every step of the way. From pre-construction planning, like knowing what to consider when building solar-ready homes, to meeting code requirements along the way, our solar experts make project success their top priority.

Leading the renewable revolution

We’ve long been focused on creating a more sustainable planet. From electric vehicles and lithium-ion battery production to solar grids and planning entire eco-sustainable communities, our sustainability solutions are helping forward-thinking businesses, governments, and homeowners pursue a more eco-responsible future. As a result, we’ve become a world leader in breakthrough alternative energy technologies.

Superior module efficiency. Maximum production.

At Panasonic, solar innovation never sleeps. Our high-efficiency modules provide among the world’s lowest temperature coefficients and degradation rates. That means our panels are engineered to perform at peak efficiency for decades and produce more clean electricity year after year.


Maximize & beautify every roof

With a panel for every roof size and shape, our Black modules provide your homes with an attractive, powerful combination of energy savings, long-term performance, and sleek beauty.

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Solar Solutions for Home Builders   Contractors meeting

Find out the many advantages of going solar with one of America’s most trusted brands. Contact your Panasonic home solar team today by completing the form below.