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Panasonic EverVolt™ Battery Storage Certification Program

Evervolt Certified Installer

EverVolt™ Battery Storage Certification Program

Why get certified?

The Panasonic EverVolt™ Battery Storage certification is intended for skilled solar panel installers who desire to offer standalone battery storage solutions or a complete renewable energy solution. Becoming EverVolt certified will also allow your company to expand its offerings with the latest clean energy technology and meet the current demand of the market, while increasing sales and profits.

Certification will enable you to brand yourself as the local energy storage expert, with the ability to consult with homeowners and advise customers on the benefits of a total solar + storage solution.

Evervolt Battery Storage

Reasons to certify

•    Expand and prepare your business to meet the growing demand for energy storage 
•    Equip your solar sales staff with a competitive differentiator
•    Win new customers interested in resiliency & backup power
•    Increase sales and profit margins on every project
•    Simplify your energy storage sales, design, and installation process 
•    Offer a complete Panasonic home energy system with EverVolt and HIT® solar panels
•    Appeal to homeowners adopting electric vehicles
•    Provide a field serviceable solution with easy operations and maintenance and peace of mind
•    Offer leading lithium-ion battery technology, the same found in many electric vehicles
•    Back your work with the support of one of America’s most trusted brands
•   Purchase and install EverVolt with 10-year full-system warranty

Requirements to become Panasonic EverVolt™ Certified

  1.  Be a licensed contractor with at least one year of experience in PV installations.
  2.  Must have a company website.
  3. Complete the EverVolt Certification Training Program by scoring 100% in the quiz. Link to the training program will be provided within 3-5 business days after verifying the registration form. 
  4.  Successfully complete one EverVolt installation.
  5. Only installers located in the U.S. are eligible for the EverVolt Battery Storage Certification Program and the product warranty is only valid in United States.

Training and testing

To earn the Panasonic EverVolt Battery Storage certification you must complete a training course and pass the certification exam. For more information on course schedules and testing please complete the form below.

EverVolt™ certification

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