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Product details

The EVERVOLT® SmartBox energy management device connects the battery, home loads, grid power and solar PV system all in one place. SmartBox controls the connection to the grid and provides a seamless transition to backup power during power outages. SmartBox also provides control of up to six loads1 to optimize your energy consumption and prolong battery life.

Key features

  • Smart circuits, transfer switch, backup connection all in one box.
  • Seamless transfer to battery backup during a grid failure or power outage.
  • Indoor/outdoor rated durable weatherproof design.
  • Supports Wi-Fi for convenient remote monitoring of energy production & consumption.
  • Switch to different operating modes from the mobile app to maximize energy usage.
  • Built in generator support for longer power outages2
  • Complete 12-year warranty covers product and labor.*

State of Charge

Turn off less critical loads automatically and extend battery usage time.

smartbox chart

1 The 6 x Smart Loads1 and Generator2. 1 Up to 6 x 120 V loads can be connected to the SmartBox - 4 x 50 A loads and 2 x 80 A loads.
2 Generator integration may require installation of additional components and intended application must be approved prior to installation.
*When installed by a Panasonic Authorized installer.