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Replacement & Recycle Services

Replacement Services

Replace. Repair. Recycle.


Our replacement services include:



Mitigate disaster overnight. If a unit fails, we’ll deliver a working TOUGHBOOK® computer, handheld, 2-in-1 or tablet to you within 24 hours. Instead of waiting for a repair, you’ll receive a device from an inventory of customer-owned, pre-imaged computers stored at our National Service Center. Meanwhile, we’ll provide you with a free, preprinted shipping label to send your damaged unit to Panasonic. Then, we’ll repair and place the unit into your on-demand inventory.



Available on all TOUGHBOOK products with the exception of the TOUGHBOOK 4K tablet and FZ-Q2, FZ-E1, FZ-X1, FZ-N1 and FZ-F1 models.



Our convenient end-of-life service disposes of your retired devices in an environmentally responsible way. To obtain a shipping label for free recycling of your TOUGHBOOK product, please visit the MRM home page here and click on “Mail back your product” under “Recycle now”. Or call MRM at 888 769-0149.

Under District of Columbia law, if you recently purchased a new covered Panasonic TOUGHBOOK you may return any brand of a covered electronic device of the same type for recycling through our program. Go to for recycling details.

If you wish to recycle just your battery, please visit the Call2Recycle home page here and click on “Where to Recycle” under “Recycling 101”. 

If you are a recycling or reuse company and need instructions for proper recycling for Panasonic Mobility products please call 1-800-LAPTOP-5.

For reuse and recycle in Canada, please contact our Canada TOUGHBOOK Support 1-800-668-8386