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Product details

A 12.1" convertible tablet PC, the 3.28 lb. Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® C1 features a durable triple-hinge design and ergonomic strap that makes it easy to open and close with one hand. It also has a hot-swappable twin battery for continuous use without disruption. The TOUGHBOOK C1 is equipped with a multi touch + digitizer screen for finger and gesture computing and an electronic stylus for accurate digital input. A spill-resistant keyboard and the ability to survive up to a 30" operating drop help ensure uptime.

Key features

  • Lightweight 12.1" convertible tablet PC
  • Durable triple hinge design with screen rotation Lock, ergonomic strap and dome hand support
  • Webcam and dual array microphone
  • Choice of multi touch + digitizer screen or gloved multi touch screen
  • Hot-swappable twin battery design for continuous use