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CF-VCB331M | Panasonic 4-Bay Battery Charger


Product details

Compatible with TOUGHBOOK 33

Key features

  • Charge up to four batteries at the same time
  • Can charge either the lightweight battery (CF-VZSU1AW) or the long life battery (CF-VZSU1BW)
  • Simultaneous charging – 2 hours to charge all batteries if they are the lightweight battery or 4 hours if they are the long life battery (regardless of the number of batteries)
  • Each bay has a charge status indicator light so you know when the batteries are fully charged 
  • Includes 100W AC Adapter

Specification Description
Weight 1.5 lbs.
Warranty 1 Year
Dimension 7.6” × 6.7” × 3.3”


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