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Why Kiosks?

Easy to use, customers can feel comfortable placing their own orders via a kiosk, and that results in an enhanced experience.

Enhance that customer experience

Why should your customers have to wait in line to place their orders when they can do it themselves? Panasonic Connect kiosk solutions can decrease those annoying wait times and create a better customer experience… and that translates to repeat business.


Operational Efficiencies & increased revenue

With the ability for customers to place their own orders through a kiosk, you have the ability to shift labor to other essential tasks, better handling peak times, and even increasing revenue an average of 30% per check.


Social Demands

Give your customers a sense of added safety. Our kiosks can recognize the customer and repeat their recent order, decreasing the kiosk touchpoints. Available with anti-micro touchscreen surfaces, customers have an added sense of safety.   


Market Leading Payment Technology

FreedomPay’s Next Level Commerce™ platform transforms existing payment systems and processes from legacy to leading edge with fully integrated solutions across in-store, online and on-mobile. FreedomPay offers market-leading technology that supports merchants of all sizes worldwide merging security, identity, payments, loyalty and advertising.


Your Face says it all

Comprehensive facial recognition technology allows guests to be recognized at a kiosk, view not only their previous orders, but also a loyalty account and even “Pay with their Face”.


Kiosk as a Service

Why should you have to lay out money for the entire kiosk purchase when you can purchase over time.  From menu configuration to system integration, have your restaurant up and running faster and more efficiently than ever before.  Our turnkey Kiosk as a Service solution includes hardware, software, service and support... all for one monthly fee.

Learn more about ClearConnect Solutions & Hardware

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Learn how to maximize profits and create efficiencies across your entire organization by simplifying a complex ecosystem of hardware and software for the food service and retail markets.
Advanced restaurant management, point-of-sale and wireless communication systems for the retail, food service & hospitality industries.

Common Application Platform utilizes Open Source Software